Emporia Invitational Debate Tournament

2016 — Emporia, KS/US


The 2016 Emporia High School Invitational Debate Tournament will take place on Saturday, September 24, 2016,.

Registration will OPEN on Tabroom.com at 4:00 pm, Thursday, September 1st.

When registering, please supply all requested information.

Registration will CLOSE on Tabroom.com at 4:00 pm, Friday, September 16th.

Entry fees, $6.00 per team, will be accessed at 4:00 pm, Friday, September 16th.

If you “drop” a team after the September 16th close of registration, you will still be obligated for the accessed fee.

Coaches will have through 4:00 PM, Wednesday, September 21st to move teams between divisions, and adjust/change the names of debaters.



Tournament Specifics:

3 divisions: Open, JV, Novice

5 preliminary rounds

Semis and Finals in all 3 divisions

Please access the tournament invitation, down-load it, and print it out for your use leading up to the tournament.