City Classic at Iowa City High

2017 — Iowa City, IA/US

You are cordially invited to attend the City Classic, beginning January 26th, 2018 at 4:30pm concluding January 27th, 2018 by 6pm.

Three features of the Classic you've come to expect:

First, we offer NSDA and IHSSA speech events, and a double-entry IE pattern that provides an excellent opportunity for speakers to perform ahead of IHSSA District Speech and NSDA District Speech, both held in February 2018.  We will do our best to accommodate as many speakers and events as possible, but please note that low-entry events may need to be combined with other similar events; or, if events are underpopulated, they may be cancelled. 

Second, Tower Trophies!!  These trophies are based on the famous City High Tower.  Architectural Digest voted City High's campus the "Most Beautiful in Iowa" in 2017, in large part due to the tower.  Built in the 1940's, City High's tower was modeled on the State of Iowa's original Old Capitol tower, and is an iconic part of our east side cityscape. 

Third, City High debate parents will provide a fantastic Friday dinner for coaches and judges, and will offer a fully stocked lounge area throughout the day on Saturday.

One important note: due to sourcing and production lead time on our awards, we will continue to offer the high quality awards but they will be sent out to winners - fully engraved with winner's name - a couple of weeks after the tournament ends.  This also gives us some flexibility about how many places/speakers to award in each event.  Last year we were stuck with several hundred dollars in unused awards.  I know this isn't ideal in the sense that students want to take hardware home the day of tournament, but we hope that the personalized engraving makes up for it.

We look forward to hosting you soon!


Vince, Drew, and the City High Debate team