Greenhills Gryphon Invitational

2016 — Ann Arbor, MI/US

We would like to invite you the second annual Greenhills Gryphon Invitational Public Forum Tournament.  It will be held at the Greenhills School, 850 Greenhills Drive, Ann Arbor, MI, on Saturday, September 17.  

The tournament will have an Open Division, as well as a workshop and mini-tournament for novice debaters.  We will use MIFA rules, and the resolution will be the NSDA September-October topic.  

In the Open Division, we plan to offer 4 preliminary rounds with appropriate elimination rounds based on entries.  The Novice Workshop will take place in the morning, with a 3-round mini-tournament for its participants starting when the workshop ends late in the morning.  One judge is required for every 4 debaters in either division.  All judges are required to be available to judge one round beyond your team’s elimination.  We will give elimination and speaker awards based on entries. 

The registration fee for the Open Division is $25 per 2-person team.  To participate in the Novice Workshop, the fee is a flat rate of $25 per school, which covers all workshop debaters.  Make checks out to “Greenhills School.”

Please register online at Tabroom,

Registration closes at 6PM on Tuesday, September 13; Tabroom will not let you register after that time.  If you have any questions or problems, please email Sam Bagenstos at

Here’s the tentative schedule:

7:30-8:00 Registration 

8:15 General Meeting 

8:30 Round 1 (Open Division) or Workshop Begins (Novice)

9:30 Round 2 (Open Division) or Workshop Continues (Novice) 

11:00 Round 3 (Open Division) or Workshop Continues (Novice)

12:00 Lunch

12:30 Round 4 (Open Division) or Round 1 (Novice Workshop)

1:30 Round 2 (Novice Workshop)

2:00 Semifinals (Open Division)

2:30 Round 3 (Novice Workshop)

3:30 Awards 

4:30 Finals


We hope to see you there!