Greater Metro Conference Tournament

2016 — WI/US

Where:     Hamilton High School

W220 N6151 Town Line Road

Sussex, WI 53089

Entries: Teams may register up to 25 entries at this event.  Students are not allowed to double enter. This tournament is only open to teams in the Greater Metro Conference. The conference sweepstakes award will be presented to the school with the highest point total for its students in the preliminary rounds. The conference quality award will be presented to the school with the highest quality point average based on eight or more entries (sweepstakes winner excluded).


·         Each school will be responsible for bringing one qualified judge for each five entries or fraction thereof.

·         Each school will have a stipend of $225 to pay for their judges; each school has the discretion to pay their judges as they deem fit, but are not to exceed $75 per judge.

·         At the conclusion of the tournament, each school will submit a Financial Report to the Commissioner for reimbursement of judges (not to exceed $225 per school). If a school exceeds the allotted $225, the difference will be paid out of that school’s own expense, and NOT reimbursed by the Conference.

·         Cancellation of students does not cancel the judge obligation. You must bring the number of judges indicated on your original entry form.

·         Head coaches may not judge.

·         Schools will be charged $20 for each uncovered entry.


Registration: Registration for this tournament will take place on Registration will begin on at noon on Wednesday, February 24th. The deadline to add entries/judges will be Thursday, March 17th at 3pm.

Lunch: A complimentary lunch will be served to coaches and judges by Milwaukee’s award-winning Gouda Girls food truck, winner of Shepard Express’ 2015 award for best food truck. Judges/coaches will be offered a 1/2 size Wisconsin Cheesesteak, a 6oz bowl of creamy original Mac and Cheese and a beverage. Vegetarians will be able to substitute the sandwich for one of the grilled cheese options on the regular menu. Students will be able to order lunch from the truck’s regular menu.

Tentative Schedule


Text your confirmation to 262-893-1753


Registration , Main Entrance


Extemp and Radio draw, LGA

Judge’s Meeting, Judge’s Lounge


Student Meeting, Cafeteria


Round One, all events


Round Two, all events


Round Three, all events


Power Rounds Posting


Latest Power Round Begins


Awards, Gym


Information at |                @Hamilton4N6|#GMC4N6