CFL State Quals IE

2016 — CA/US

Coast Forensics League State Quals Individual Events 
 February 28, 2016 
at Milpitas High School 

We will be offering the following events: 
(HI, DI, Duo, TI, OI, OPP, Expos, Imp, OO, OA, FX, NX)     

*** PLEASE check this regularly - we will be updating this with more info ***




TOURNAMENT FORMAT:  all schools are permitted 22 total entries at each of the qualifying tournaments.  No more than 5 of these entries may be registered in any one event. But - Students that reached the Final Round at any of the 2015-16 League Tournaments will not count towards a school’s total entries or entries per event.  



Students may double enter in any two events except the two extemp events.  Students may not attend State in 2 Speech events, however, so a choice must be made should they qualify in two events.  Students may not attend State in Parli debate and either extemp, so if a student decides to compete at State Quals IE, after qualifying in parli, they are agreeing to give up their parli spot should one of the debaters qualify in extemp.

SCRIPTS* - Students must have turned in their scripts prior to the script reading. If a script was rejected, the corrected script must be turned in to Gay Brasher before 7:30am on February 28th.



Adopted Policy for IE Qualifier at Spring 2011 meeting:


1.    The State Qualifier shall consist of one tournament, consisting of those events currently offered by CHSSA.

2.    The VP/IE shall act as tournament director and will assign other positions in assigning judges and tabulating specific divisions of both debates. The host school staff is typically assigned to physical plant operations and meal coordination and is not assigned other duties.

3.    Each event shall consist of three preliminary rounds, followed by a final round.  

4.    The third preliminary round would be sectioned based upon the following priorities:   1. Balancing competitors based upon the cumulative results of the previous two preliminary rounds.  2. Balancing schools across sections.   3.  Limiting priors met.

5.    The Final round would be sectioned according to the 1st and 2nd priorities of the third preliminary round.

6.    Overall placements would be determined by adding round ranks for all prelim rounds + individual judge scores from the Final round.




Registration for ALL State Qualifiers this year will be conducted via   If a student qualifies for state -  will be used to register your students who qualify for the State Championships.  Each tournament's page will contain the precise entry limits and qualifying information you need, as does this document. Please read through everything carefully.  Please remind your students that by entering the State Qualifier tournaments they are committing to attending the State Championships in April if they qualify. In fairness to everyone who has worked so hard all season for the chance to go to State, students who cannot attend the State Championships should not compete in the qualifier


Online entries for State are due on March 8th. If a school has not fully entered by then, their qualified entries at State will be dropped, and alternates will move up.


Also make sure that all league and CHSSA fees are paid before entering the qualifier. CHSSA assessments must be    RECEIVED    by Shirley Keller with the appropriate forms by February 13th.  No school will be permitted to enter the State Qualifier if they have not paid CHSSA dues by this time.






SECTION 1: NUMBER OF TOURNAMENTS: The number of State Qualifying tournaments for each event shall be determined by the membership at the Fall meeting for that year. Each tournament will operate as a separate and individual qualifying tournament with no bearing on other qualifying tournaments.


SECTION 2: NUMBER OF QUALIFIERS: The number of total qualifiers in each event shall be designated by the CHSSA and reported to the membership by the CFL president or representative. The CFL officers will allocate the number of qualifiers for each event to each individual qualifying tournament.


SECTION 3: RULES: All State Qualifying tournaments shall abide by the CHSSA rules as closely as possible.


SECTION 4: HOST SCHOOLS: Any member school may volunteer to host the State Qualifying tournament. A vote by the membership will confirm the site.


SECTION 5: TOURNAMENT RESPONSIBILITY: The management of the State Qualifying tournament will be the responsibility of the Vice-Presidents of the CFL.


SECTION 6: TOURNAMENT EXPENSES: All expenses, entry fees and proceeds from a State Qualifying tournament will be submitted to the Treasurer in a timely manner.


SECTION 7: ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: Requirements for scripts established by the CFL must be met for competition in State Qualifying individual events tournaments.


SECTION 8:  PROTESTS:  Protests will follow the procedure established for preliminary tournaments.



  1. A.     Each school is required to provide judges for all State Qualifying tournaments. An excess of judges at one State Qualifying tournament shall not reduce a school's judging obligation at a subsequent tournament.

  1. B.     Any drops shall be considered unofficial and subject to fees and judging obligations.

  1. C.     Coaches may not fulfill their judging obligation by serving as judges. However, a coach may be reassigned by the tournament director to judge a round.

  1. D.     If a judge is available, but cannot be used, his or her presence shall still count for credit toward the school's judging obligation.

  1. E.     All schools entered in a tournament are responsible for providing an appropriate number of qualified judges for competition.

  1. State Qualifying Debate—1 qualified judge per student entered.

  1. State Qualifying I.E.— 1 qualified judge for every 2 entries.

  1. State Qualifying Congress—1 qualified judge per school.

Please provide 1 judge for every 2 entries, making sure to indicate gender and experience level in the notes section of the judge screen as we will be assigning judges via computer.   This will be a large tournament, so please enter your students and judges as soon as possible, and no later than Tuesday, February 23rd at 5:00pm!






Judges' Instructions:

7:30 a.m.

Round 1 begins

8:30 a.m.

Round 2 begins

11:00 a.m.

Lunch service

12:00 – 2:00 p.m.

Round 3 begins

1:30 p.m.

Semi-Finals begin

3:30 p.m.


6:30 p.m.

(Extemp Draw times will be announced at registration)


Entry Procedure

Registration should be completed via Tabroom.

The registration deadline is 5:00pm on Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016. 

Drops after this point will be assessed a late fee as outlined below.



$20.00 per single entry and $40.00 per duo team

Please mail check to:

Coast Forensic League

1346 The Alameda Suite 7 No 294

San Jose CA 95126


Entries added or dropped after the registration deadline will be assessed a late fee of $60 per entry.



Please provide one ADULT judge for every two entries, or fraction thereof. This judge quota applies to all rounds, regardless of how many entries advance to semi-finals or finals. Thus, a school with five entries must provide three ADULT judges for all four rounds.

 AM Judges - 7:15am - 1:00pm
  PM Judges - 1:00pm - 7:00pm


Awards will be given to all finalists in all events.

Coaches / Tournament Staff

Please make sure that your school's legal representative/chaperone for the day understands that s/he will be needed to work on the tournament staff for the entire tournament (either tab room or judge-call room). Schools with exceptionally large entries are humbly asked to bring more than one representative. Conversely, smaller schools that normally share a chaperone are humbly asked to bring a representative for each school if at all possible. We realistically need close to twenty coaches to staff a tournament of this size; thank you in advance for your assistance.