2016 — KY/US

Dear Bluegrass Region Speech Coaches,


The Kentucky High School Speech League (KHSSL) Bluegrass Regional Tournament is quickly approaching.  The tournament will be held on Saturday, February 6, 2016 at SCAPA at Bluegrass.  Tournament registration will begin at noon.



Remember that regional entries are limited to three per category, but students may be single, double, or triple entered.  All entries should be entered at by Monday, February 1st by 7:00 PM (Registration deadline).  All drops or changes must be made by February 4th by 5:00 PM. (Final deadline).  Each school’s entries will be frozen at that time on February 4th   after 5:00 PM.


Entry fees for the regional tournament are $6.00 per individual entry and $12.00 per duo entry (i.e. Duo Acting, Duo Interpretation, and Improvisational Duo).  Each school must provide a judge for each six entries or fraction thereof that are entered into the tournament.  Schools failing to fill judging obligations will be charged $65 per judge required.  Judges must be listed by name on the regional entry form.  Please get commitments from judges before listing names on the form to minimize replacement hassles.  Schools may only pay for ONE hired judge at the regional tournament.


Please bring all fees to the regional tournament.  Make checks payable to KHSSL.


Additionally, please bring a copy of all original oratory pieces with a signature page attached showing both the student and coach signatures reflecting it is the student’s own work.



The regional tournament has some important rules and fees to note (see also the KHSSL Handbook for further clarification, :


•          Substitutions between the registration deadline and the final deadline are free.

•          Drops and adds between the registration deadline and the final deadline carry the entry fee as a cost.

•          Substitutions after the final deadline but before the arrival on-site for the regional tournament carry a $5 fee.

•          Substitutions on arrival at the regional tournament carry a $25 fee.

•          Drops after the final deadline, but before arrival on-site for the regional tournament are $10 plus the entry fee.

•          Drops on arrival for the regional tournament are $50 plus the entry fee.

•          Judge name changes after the final deadline, but before arrival on-site for the regional tournament are free.

•          Judge name changes on arrival are $10.

•          Judge drops after the registration deadline are $100, plus hired judges fees for the          shortage.  In addition, if a judge drop leads to a school not covering its judging obligation,        the school’s entries may be reduced, but the school will still owe all entry fees.


Also, please remember that students attending the regional tournament and qualifying for the state championship tournament must also be able to attend the state championship tournament.



We are having three preliminary rounds, with each event competing twice during those three rounds.  If a final round is needed to determine a regional champion and runner-up, then a round to make that determination will also be held.  This staggered schedule will allow us to maximize judges and the number of rooms available.  We will release a final schedule by email shortly before the tournament date. 


The schedule for the KHSSL Bluegrass Regional Tournament will be as follows:

            Registration    12:00 – 1:00 PM

Round A           1:00 to 2:15 PM

Extemp Draw  1:45 PM

Round B            2:15 PM to 3:30 PM

Extemp Draw   3:00 PM

Round C            3:30 PM to 4:45 PM

Finals                 5:15 PM

Awards              6:00 PM


The KHSSL Bluegrass Regional Tournament will be a combined tournament with both the junior and senior tournaments being held concurrently.  It is important that your judges be familiar with the rules for the categories at both levels as senior judges may be judging junior categories and junior judges may be judging senior level events.  To make it easier on everyone, the rules will be in the judging packets, but a preview of the different events at both levels would be helpful for all judges.


Because the tournament cuts through lunch, food and drinks will be available for purchase.  There will also be a hospitality room for all judges and coaches.



The regional tournament is the last chance to qualify for the KHSSL state tournament.  A student competing at the regional tournament qualifies for state in one of three ways:

1.      The student prequalified at an invitational tournament; or

2.      The student received a cumulative score of ‘7’ or less in the preliminary rounds of the regional tournament; or

3.      The student competed in an event with 7 or fewer entries actually competing at the regional tournament.

Additionally, the regional tournament will declare a regional champion and runner-up in each category of competition.



Before closing, each region is tasked with submitting a name for the “Coach of the Year” Award.  If you wish to submit a name, please send the nomination along with a brief description or profile of the coach to my email address.  We will then vote for one person to represent our region from the submissions during the tournament.


If you have any other questions, please send me an email at or a text to my cell phone.  My cell phone number is (859) 421-8538.  Hold on to this number in case you need to reach me with changes before the tournament.


Best of luck as the regular season winds down and the tournament season approaches.




Beth Randolph

SCAPA at Bluegrass Principal and

KHSSL Bluegrass Regional Tournament Manager

400 Lafayette Parkway

Lexington, KY 40503

School: (859)381-3332


Cell: (859)421-8538