2016 — SD/US

Welcome to the BVHS CFC Registration site!  We are looking forward to hosting everyone on February 6.


Several notes about the tournament at Brandon -- 

     Students can be dropped off at the entrance on Splitrock Blvd.  That's the east side of the building.

     The ACT is being offered at BVHS that day so students will be asked to stay out of that part of the building.  Signs will be posted.

     A full coaches lounge will be open beginning about 7:30 on Saturday morning.  Yes, we will have biscuits and gravy.

     A full concession stand will open for kids beginning about 10:00 on Saturday morning.  There will be the normal pizza, hot dogs,                        nachos, etc.  In addition, there will be soup available for lunch -- first come, first served.

     Once again, BVHS is also hosting a number of other activities that weekend.  There will be a basketball game on Saturday                                afternoon so students will be directed upon arrival on Saturday morning where to drop their stuff.  This also means that                        rooms will be tight and we may need to get creative with competition spaces.  Please bear with us.

     Awards will once again be held on the floor on the south end of the building.  We could change it, but it's become a tradition at this                    point.  So we will plan on that again.


Please email with any other questions.  See you soon!