Southmoore HS Camp Smilodon

2015 — OK/US

Welcome to Camp Smilodon!



We would like to invite you to the 3rd Annual Smoores Camp Smilodon Speech and Debate Tournament with 6A, 5A, and Novice divisions @Southmoore High School on Nov 13-14.  We are excited to have this opportunity and hope that you will consider attending.


Entries should be emailed to OR entered on by Monday, November 9, 2015 by 5:00 p.m. An entry form has been attached for your convenience. Entry fees for all events will be assessed on Monday, November 9 @ 5:00 p.m. Please refer to the OSSAA manual about late entries and add/drop fees, as these are the guidelines that will be followed.

NEW: Original Oratories may be emailed to OR turned in at registration by 8:00 a.m. on Saturday.


If you do not receive an entry confirmation and schedule by Thursday, November 12, please email or call (405) 213-3743 asap.


All judges and qualifications are due Wednesday, November 11, before 4:00 p.m

A school must provide coaches as well as people who meet the qualifications for judging for the following:

One (1) IE Judge per twelve (12) individual event entries

One (1) LD Judge per four (4) LD debate entries

One (1) PF Judge per four (4) PF debate entries

One (1) Policy Judge per two (2) Policy debate entries

High School speech and debate students may judge Novice provided they meet the NSDA criteria for judging Novice or provided they meet your rigorous criteria to judge. Failure to provide judges will result in an additional fee as per the OSSAA manual, OR may necessitate restriction of your school’s entries if the director cannot cover your judges.


A Novice division will be offered for the following events: LD, PF, Policy, Combined Extemp, Combined Interp (may be broken into more specific divisions as needed), Combined Duet, Prose, and Monologue.

Please consider the following:

Novice IE’s: Please encourage high school students to enter the regular qualifying division.  If you feel that you have a student who may need to be an exception to that rule, please email me.

Novice Combined Extemp: There will be a preliminary round of Domestic Extemp questions, a semi-final round (if needed) of International Relations questions, and a final round with Foreign Extemp questions. 

Novice Debate: You may enter upperclassmen into this event.  A novice shall be considered a student who has had less than one year of competition of experience.  If you are unsure which division to select for a particular student, email me.  We will use the same resolution as for qualifying, NOT THE NSDA NOVICE RESOLUTION. In order to help facilitate a transition to qualifying, Negatives can run Counter-Plans at this tournament but we ask that they do not run Kritiks. Affirmatives must defend a Plan Text.


A full set of guidelines can be found in the MPS Secondary Student Parent Handbook at There is no smoking on campus, and there are no weapons allowed on campus.

On Friday: You may DROP OFF ON NORTH or WEST side. Students should enter north doors #18 and stay in the auditorium (NW quadrant) until the building is cleared around 3:30 p.m. All VEHICLES MUST PARK IN THE WEST (back) parking lot. PLEASE AVOID the south side “bus loop”.  Southmoore gets out at 3:11, so expect a lot of traffic around that time 


Please see Friday and Saturday schedules below. However, the Saturday schedule will most likely be changed based on entries. The updated IE schedule will be released by THURSDAY, November 13 after receiving drops and adds.


Lori Crawford

(405) 213-3743    or     (405) 735-4950