West Bend

2015 — WI/US

Your Team is invited to the West Bend Debate Tournament


West Bend High Schools Saturday, November 7, 2015


1305 E. Decorah Rd.  53095


Teams:  We’re planning: VSS, V-4, NSS, N-4, Experienced L-D, Novice L-D, Experienced Public Forum 


and Novice Public Forum.  However, any division could be cancelled or combined if there’s low 


participation.  Novice means first year debater.  Therefore, for example, a 2014 policy debater who has 


switched to L-D for this year is not a novice.  This will be a DQ offense.


Topics:  Policy - the surveillance thing.  L-D and PF plan to use the November NSDA (NFL) topics. 


Awards: Each debater on a winning team will receive an award.  Ties will be broken.  


Food:  Breakfast fare.  Lunch fare.  All day junk food.  West Cafeteria


Judges/Coaches/Bus Drivers:  Room will be East Cafeteria.  Morning goodies and coffee.  Lunch around 




Judge Requirements: One for every  1 or 2 policy teams entered.  Two for every 3 or 4 policy teams.  We have separate pools for each division.  You need to fulfill your obligation in each pool you enter.


                                      One for every four-person team entered.


                                      One for every 1 or 2 L-Der’s.    Two for every 3 or 4 L-Der’s   etc.


                                     One for every 1 or 2 PF teams    Two for every 3 or 4 PF teams.  etc. 


Judges will be used in separate pools but could be switched to help us deal with conflict situations.  


Last year several teams came without the correct numbers of judges.  Trust me, I will notice.  I intend to 


bill your school $150 per missing judge.


You must pay for all teams entered as of noon on November 4 or added after that date.  


Tentative Schedules:


Registration (East Library)     VSS and NSS 7:45-8:15   All Other Divisions 8:00 – 8:15 


Please have your kids stay in the East Cafeteria.                   Judges’ Room West Cafeteria. THIS IS A CHANGE FROM LAST YEAR.


A fifteen minute forfeit rule will be imposed at tournament director’s discretion.


VSS  Round 1 8:20      V4 Round 1  8:30           L-D and PF Round 1   8:45       


       Round 2   10:00      N4 Round 2   9:45 Round 2   9:30 


      Lunch NSS Round 3 11:00 Round 3   10:30 


      Round 3    1:00 Lunch Round 4   11:15 




Awards in West Cafeteria by  3:15 


 Deadline:  Noon on Wednesday, November 4.  Use Tabroom.com  to register.


 Contact Info:  Sexton is not in the building regularly.  Use home phone   262-334-2966.


                              or        Better option -- use email       dsexton@west-bend.k12.wi.us


Sexton & Knetzger, Inc. 


WB Debate 


West Bend Debate Fee Information


VSS or NSS @ $25 per team 


V-4 or Novice-4 @ $40 per team 


Experienced PF @ $25 per team


Novice PF @ $25 per team 


Experienced L-D @ $15 per student 


Novice L-D @ $15 per student 


Hired Judges @ $150


Please make checks payable to: West Bend Debate     You must pay for all teams entered as of noon on 


November 4 or added after that date.  (You can do your own drops on line until noon on Friday, 


November 6.)


Registration Deadline is NOON on Wednesday, November 4.


To register: Go to   www.tabroom.com  follow the directions for 


the WB Tournament. Make changes there. Add names of kids and 




Watch for an emailed Confirmation by November 5.  Contact me with questions.               


  email to   dsexton@west-bend.k12.wi.us 


OR          John.Knetzger@gmail.com


Confirm ALL Entries on Saturday morning by 7:15.


Call   262-483-2730  if you have changes or text  414-378-2839 if you don't.