Young Lawyers

2015 — UT/US

(Co-sponsored by the Litigation Division and the Young Lawyers of the Utah State Bar Association)

The Tournament will include 5 preliminary rounds with novice and open divisions in 3 events, policy, LD and public forum.  Because of space limitations there is a 6 entrant maximum in any division of any event.  However there will be a wait list.  Judging requirements are 1 judge per 2 policy teams or part thereof and 1 judge per 3 in LD and PF.  Varsity Debaters who are Juniors or seniors may judge the novice divisions.  Policy will use the 2015-2016 national topic and novice division will follow Utah state mandates. Lincoln Douglas will use the September/October topic (Novice LD will use the Civil Disobedience topic) and Public Forum will use the October topic.  Final rounds will be judged by panels of Lawyers from the Utah State Bar Association.  Cost will be $30.00 per school, $14.00 per policy and PF Team, and $7.00 per LD competitor.  Check in will begin at 3:00 p.m.  

Judges meeting will begin at 3:15 p.m in the East High School Library. B202