Westford Academy Big Questions Tournament 2022

2022 — Online, MA/US

Tournament Notes!!!!:

If there are any issues during the tournament, contact Angela Wang at angelawang1029@gmail.com, 9783024619, or angierinne#4157 on discord. 

Opening Meeting:


Meeting ID: 390 556 6177 Passcode: t06v9A

Welcome to the Westford Academy Big Questions Tournament! This free tournament is geared towards raising money for the Westford Academy Speech and Debate team. We would like to thank everyone for participating and we hope that it will be a fun and educational experience!

We will be hosting the tournament through Discord. You can join our server using this link: https://discord.gg/HGPnY29r

If you would like to enter but you are not able to get your coach or whoever is in charge of Tabroom at your school to enter you, please contact tournament admins and we will enter you manually.

You may enter as an individual entry or with a partner! If your school has 4 or more people attending it would also be great if you could provide a judge, preferably a current or former debater!


As a reminder, all cases MUST BE TOPICAL!!!


Tentative Schedule:

*all times in EST


9:00 - Welcome Meeting

9:30 AM - Round 1 starts

11:00 AM - Round 2

12:30 PM - 1:30 - Lunch break

2:00 PM - Round 3 starts



3:30 PM - Novice Semifinals, Varsity Finals

5:15 PM - Novice Finals

6:30 PM - Awards