Horace Big Question ONLINE through Zoom

2022 — Online, ND/US

Thank you for registering for the Big Question tournament.

This tournament will be a virtual event through Zoom. Zoom links will be sent out to registered coaches and students. Please have your students sign up for a Tabroom Account and link them to your school Tabroom. If you need help with that, please reach out to Nathan Amberg @ NAmberg@west-fargo,k12.nd.us.

Zoom Link



There is NO registration fee for entering this tournament. 

Please provide AT LEAST one judge for every two competitors. You may provide MORE than 1 judge for every two students. You may also tell me names of individuals who can only judge one or more rounds. The rounds will be at 5:30, 6:20 and 7:15. We will meet in the Zoom room by 5:00 to all for testing of audio and visual. 

Zoom Breakout Rooms will be used for the debate rounds. We will all meet in the main room (coaches, judges, and students) and you will head to your breakout room for the round. 

All ballots will be released on Tabroom. If you have someone volunteering to judge, they will need to have a TABROOM account. 

To access ballots on Tabroom, 

1. Click on your email at the top right.

2. Click on upcoming ballots on the right. 

3. The ballot should come up. 

Again, you will not access the debate room through Tabroom. You will go in through the Zoom link provided.


Please register all students by 5 pm on Monday, May 23.

After the tournament, all coaches, judges, and competitors need to complete a quick form about the experience. 

After the tournament, complete the brief, online post-tournament survey by navigating to: www.speechanddebate.org/big-questions-survey