DIY Debate Festival

2022 — Online, CA/US

Live Doc

The tournament we were planning to attend got cancelled, so we're doing it ourselves because a cancelled event is no way to end the year. The goal is to have fun. If you want to join us, register! We will host PF, Parli, and LD debate; $10 per entry. 

Some things to note:

- The event will be held in Zoom if <40 total entries, or NSDA Campus otherwise.

- We will take registration separately for novice and open but may collapse depending on interest.

- Unless divisions both (1) have more than 10 entries and (2) have no schools with more 30% of entries in the division, we will allow same-school entries to hit each other

- Unless as outlined above, we may allow judges to judge their school, especially in case of same-school match-ups.