North Hall High Spring Fling Big Questions Debate

2022 — NSDA Campus, GA/US

Dear All,


North Hall High School formally invites you to the “North Hall Spring Fling” Big Questions Tournament we are happily hosting NSDA online on April 28th, 2022.


I want to go ahead and clearly say thank you, first and foremost, for considering and enlisting your students into our Spring Fling Big Questions Debate. We are honored to have you and as always, we look forward to a wonderful afternoon session on the 28th of April. Even with it being near the end, we thank you for the constant support you have for all your students and competitors. It goes beyond words.

For the tournament, our 1st place winner for Big Questions Debate will receive a $75 Cash prize along with a plaque for our Big Questions Debate tournament. 2nd Place will take $50 and 3rd Place will take $25 with the plaques as well.


A $50 Prize along with a certificate will be given the school for sweepstakes. That school is eligible for this prize by having 5 or more debaters competing in the tournament.


We ask for every two debaters, that you provide one judge. The Judge requirements and regulations will be posted on tabroom. If you have a veteran high school student (i.e upperclassman) who is more than capable of judging, we will be more than flexible to allow that to happen given time and circumstance. Please make sure to have your competitors and judges listed on tabroom before April 26th, preferably.


We will ask and require of you, after the tournament, to please do fill the Big Questions Debate survey that we will have posted on the website on tabroom. This will be an extraordinary help for us to reflect how to better our tournament for the next season.



Colton S. Major

North Hall High School

Social Studies

Speech and Debate

(770) 983-7331

Ext. 10115
The Spring Fling Big Questions Debate is 3 rounds of NSDA's BQD, held virtually (via NSDA Campus) from 4:30PM to 7:30PM  Eastern Standard Time -- schedule will be accelerated when and if possible, but each round is likely to average at an hour.  There is no entry fee, but a judge must be provided for every 2 Debaters competing.  
The topic to be debated is, of course, listed on NSDA's website, and is also reproduced here:

"Big Questions – 2021-2022 Topic

Resolved: On balance, societies benefit from religious belief and practice."


The NSDA website also provides a primer for this year's topic, for those who wish to peruse further.