Cats Meow

2022 — NSDA Campus, CO/US

Here is the tentative schedule for the day of the tournament, February 12:

7:00-7:50 Registration 

8:00- 9:30  Round 1 Wave A

9:30- 11:00  Round 1 Wave B

11:00- 12:30 Round 2 Wave A 

12:30- 2:00  Round 2 Wave B 

3:30- 5:00  Round 3 Wave A 

5:00- 6:30 Round 3 Wave B 


Wave A- Lincoln Douglas, National Extemp, Congress A, Humor, Drama


Wave B- Public Forum, Policy, International Extemp, Congress B, Duo, Poetry/POI, Original Oratory, Informative


EXTEMP will be run separate.  Here are the new topic areas:



Rd. 1 -- Colorado and Wyoming


Rd. 2 -- The 2022 Midterm Elections 


Rd. 3 -- Contextualize the Polling Data (in this category, students will be presented with polling information and must construct a speech that plausibly educates the judge the story behind those number(s))


FINALS -- When Gen Z reaches adulthood, ...



Rd. 1 -- Foreign Policy


Rd. 2 -- East Asia and Southeast Asia


Rd. 3 -- Middle East and Africa


Exemp is over Zoom! Competitors check with your coach for the link to the Zoom Room.


Judges and coaches can check their emails for a link to Judges Lounge and Tabroom.