5th Annual Vikings Invitational

2022 — Fremont, CA/US

Welcome to the 5th Annual (Virtual) Vikings Invitational!


Irvington High School’s Debate Team is proud to be hosting the 5th annual Vikings Invitational. The tournament will be a two-day tournament on February 18-19, open to novice and open parliamentary and LD debaters. Our tournament is auto-approved by the National Parliamentary Debate League and will be offering TOC points for the varsity parliamentary division only. We do not offer bids for LD.


Tournament Format

We are planning on hosting the tournament virtually. We will be using the usual Tabroom settings; pairings, results, RFDs (reasons for decisions), ballots, and registration will occur through Tabroom. 


Tabroom pairings will specify each Zoom meeting that judges and competitors will be in for each round. The following link will take you to a spreadsheet where each “Room #” will have a “Meeting ID”, “Password”, and “Meeting Link” that will take you to your Zoom meeting. Thus, please ensure that all competitors and judges have installed Zoom as an application on their preferred device. Make sure that you have updated your Zoom to version 5.3.0 or higher.


If you have questions or concerns regarding this process, please email us at debate@ihsvikings.org. As we get closer to the tournament date, we will send and post the spreadsheet where this information will be available, along with clear instructions for judges, competitors, and coaches alike. 



One entry is equal to one team of two competitors in parliamentary debate, and one individual for Lincoln-Douglas. Fees for novice and open debate entries in both divisions will be $50, and the registration fee for each school will be $20. We are more than happy to provide fee waivers for teams that need them; please email all requests for fee waivers to debate@ihsvikings.org.  


Use the following formula to assist in determining the registration amount due:


((Total number of varsity and novice teams)*$50) + $20 = $________


If the check is not received by the registration deadlines, all of your entries may be dropped as per tournament discretion. Fees for any teams dropped after Tuesday, February 15th at 11:59 PM (PST) will be $50 per team (basically, you will have to pay the same registration fee. Please refer to the “Dates and Deadlines” section for more information. If you require an extension, please email us in advance; we would much rather have teams compete instead of collecting fines.


Please make checks payable to "IHS Debate Club" and have the name of your school written in the memo line! Information of where to send checks can be found on your school’s invoice. 


Make sure that the checks are written out and mail out before the tournament.

We will accept personal and school checks, but cash WILL NOT be accepted.



Our tournament will require 1 judge per 2 entries in both divisions. Please enter 1 judge per 2 entries while providing entries. Since Vikings is a 2 day tournament, judges may split commitments across multiple days. However, you cannot have more than 1 judge per day. Since we are using online ballots, all judges MUST have a Tabroom account. We will be sending emails to coaches for their unlinked judges and competitors to patch those issues up immediately.  


Due to our limited resources, it will likely be difficult for us to find judges for uncovered teams. We ask that you please provide judges for all entries. If you are still having immense struggles to provide judges, we will hire judges for additional fees. Please email debate@ihsvikings.org for more information.


Entry Eligibility

Novice is defined as a student’s first year of competition, or not advancing to an elimination round in your first two years of competition, regardless of the debate format. All students who do not fit this definition should be placed in Open. 


Parliamentary Maverick/Hybrid Entry Guidelines: We will not be allowing for mavericks (one-person teams) in either division. We will be allowing hybrid and independent teams to compete at this tournament. All teams, including independent entries, must have a chaperone/point of contact available at the tournament at all times.


LD-Specific Notes

This is our first year incorporating LD divisions into the Vikings Invitational; we are excited to meet many new faces! For issues not explicitly indicated below, we’ll be following NSDA guidelines on LD rules and procedures.


There is an initial 5 team cap for each school in each division. Additional teams will be accepted from the waitlist if space permits. Please ensure that changes and drops are made before the deadlines to avoid triggering the $40 fines mentioned above. 


Schedule: All times are given in Pacific Standard Time (PST).



Friday, February 18th (2/18)

4:00-4:30 PM: Registration & Check-In

4:45 PM: Round 1 Topic Announce

6:15 PM: Round 2 Topic Announce

7:45 PM: Break

8:00 PM: Round 3 Topic Announce


Saturday, February 19th (2/19)

8:40 AM: Coach Check-In

9:00 AM: Round 4 Topic Announce

10:30 AM: Round 5 Topic Announce

12:00 PM: Break

12:30 PM: Quarterfinals

2:30 PM: Semifinals

4:30 PM: Finals



8:40 AM: Coach Check-In

9:00 AM: Round 1 Topic Announce

10:30 AM: Round 2 Topic Announce

12:00 PM: Break

12:30 PM: Round 3 Topic Announce

2:30 PM: Round 4 Topic Announce

4:30 PM: Finals



Friday, February 18th (2/18)

4:00-4:30 PM: Registration & Check-In

4:45 PM: Round 1 Starts

6:15 PM: Round 2 Starts

7:45 PM: Break

8:00 PM: Round 3 Starts


Saturday, February 19th (2/19)

8:40 AM: Coach Check-In

9:00 AM: Round 4 Starts

10:30 AM: Round 5 Starts

12:00 PM: Break

12:30 PM: Quarterfinals

2:30 PM: Semifinals

4:30 PM: Finals



8:40 AM: Coach Check-In

9:00 AM: Round 1 Starts

10:30 AM: Round 2 Starts

12:00 PM: Break

12:30 PM: Round 3 Starts

2:30 PM: Round 4 Starts

4:30 PM: Finals


We plan to offer five preliminary rounds for each varsity division and four preliminary rounds for each novice division. The tournament reserves the right to adapt the amount or structure of elimination rounds if required by tournament logistics.


The forfeit time for each round will be five minutes after preparation time ends to minimize delays with the schedule. Additionally, we will be providing a total of five minutes for each team that can be allotted for technology issues. If teams are found to be using this time to prepare, entries will automatically be disqualified from the tournament. 


Morning check-in and registration will be held through a provided Zoom link that will be posted on the spreadsheet with all of the available rooms. Any last-minute questions and concerns can be emailed to Aaryan Shah (toaaryanshah@gmail.com). 


Parliamentary Debate Topics

Topics will be announced 20 minutes before each round and students may use the internet, pre-prepared briefs, downloaded or paper articles to formulate arguments. Open prep is allowed; debaters may consult anyone during the 20 minute prep time. However during the duration of the debate, debaters may only consult their partners. Debates will utilize the 7-8-8-8-4-5 format for speech times.


Topics will be drawn from current events and topics of current relevant interest. There will be no topic areas for this tournament. In order to improve topics for future years, we will be sending out a form to provide feedback regarding the topics after the tournament. 


LD Round Structure

Affirmative Constructive - 6 minutes

Cross Examination - 3 minutes

Negative Constructive/Rebuttal - 7 minutes

Cross Examination - 3 minutes

Affirmative Rebuttal - 4 minutes

Negative Rebuttal - 6 minutes

Affirmative Rebuttal - 3 minutes

*Prep time for each debater - 4 minutes


Changing speech times is not permitted except for if debaters opt to not use all their speech/cross-x time. This time cannot be transferred to other parts of the round.


LD Topic

Both Novice and Open divisions will be debating the January-February 2022 NSDA topic:

“Resolved: The appropriation of outer space by private entities is unjust.”


LD Evidence Ethics

Upon request, evidence read in rounds must be made available to the opponent. 


Debaters may contest evidence quality as part of arguments made in round due to bad author qualifications, inability of the opponent to provide evidence upon request, etc. Such issues can affect a judge's decision making, however they do NOT stop the round. 


If claims are made that a debater is fabricating evidence, this DOES stop the round as it would violate NSDA guidelines, if true. At that point, judges would determine the round's decision on the basis of the evidence challenge alone.


Elimination Round Procedures

Tiebreakers for breaks will be in the following order:

1. Number of wins

2. Opponent seed

3. Speaker Points

4. Random (Coin Flip)


We will break brackets based on school affiliation.


The tournament reserves the right to adapt the amount or structure of elimination rounds if required by tournament logistics. If you have input about elimination round procedures, email us at debate@ihsvikings.org.