Bixby Middle School Virtual Invitational 2022

2022 — NSDA Campus, OK/US

UPDATE: 4/11

Hello everyone who has registered for this Middle School tournament. I realize that the information has been strange and slow and that I've missed some questions from all of you in regard to my schedule that was strangely copied from last year's tournament!

Here we go, and hope to answer most of the questions I've gotten.

First, I think that with our numbers in the debate events (1 entry over all of the events...) I'm going to say that we're not offering debate this year unfortunately. That leaves us as an entirely asynchronous tournament. Video links will be due on Thursday evening, and sent out to be judged Friday and Saturday.

I will publish the Impromptu and Extemp subjects tomorrow morning by 8 AM, giving students two days and some change to get them in.

There is no subject for Storytelling, any story will work!

Original Prose and Poetry, students can use their books. It's max time of 10 minutes, but I believe most will be much shorter.

Since the legislation for Middle School Nationals hasn't been released yet students can submit a video with two authorship speeches from any of the NSDA legislation packets this school year.
Since the Nationals PF and LD topics also aren't out yet, students in Pro Con Challenge can submit a video with Pro and Con speeches on any of the NSDA PF or LD topics from this school year.



I will try to make the deadlines match these decisions and will update the website with the info. If you have any other questions, please ask!