2022 RMHS Virtual Lobo Howl

2022 — NSDA Campus, CO/US





Dear Forensic Coaches,


On behalf of the Rocky Mountain High School Forensics team, it is our pleasure to invite you and your team to participate in the 2022 RMHS Lobo Howl Forensic Invitational Tournament on January 22, 2022.  We hope you'll be able to join us.  Please visit www.tabroom.com to register. or go straight to our tournament website, www.rmhsvirtuallobohowl.tabroom.com.


We are offering both Synch and Asynch draws for all IEs. 



A Wave                                                          B Wave

CX Debate                                                      LD Debate

Congress A                                                     Public Forum Debate 

Extemporaneous Speaking                             Creative Storytelling

One-on-One Value Debate                             Impromptu

Poetry Interp                                                   Humorous Interp

Duo Interp                                                      Dramatic Interp

Program Oral Interp                                       Informative Speaking

Original Oratory        



Poetry Interp                                                   Humorous Interp

Duo Interp                                                      Dramatic Interp

Program Oral Interp                                       Informative Speaking

Original Oratory


Asych events will be judged by Friday, January 21st @ 7 p.m.

·         Publicly viewable video URLs for all asynchronous events must be added to Tabroom.com by Wednesday, January 19th at 7pm mtn. 

·         Asynchronous duo may be split screen or same room. 


·         In Synchronous events, doubling is encouraged, but only across (not within) waves

·         No doubling between CX and other debate events is allowed

·         Students double entered in Extemp or One-on-One Debate may not receive their full prep time. 

·         Finals for all events will begin ASAP following the completion of preliminary rounds. 

·         All undefeated debaters will receive a 4th round provided enough judges are available.



·         4 entries are allowed in all events except Congress, for which there is no limit on entries. Additional entries will be accommodated if space is available and if you can bring judges with you. 

·         Current NSDA resolutions will be used for CX, LD, and Public Forum debates.


We will be using Tabroom and rounds will be on NSDA campus, except draw events which will be held in Zoom. All student NSDA/Tabroom accounts must be linked prior to the tournament. Teams are responsible for checking tech set-up and access to NSDA campus.


CONGRESS: Please submit legislation by Friday, Jan. 14th. The full docket will be published that weekend. Students can’t submit legislation after that time.


JUDGING:  Each school is responsible for providing judges to cover their entries. Judges must be available for the three preliminary rounds, semis if decided, and the final round. One judge must be provided for every 2 debate entries. One judge must be provided for every 6 events entries. Judges must be entered in Tabroom by January 19th  @ 7pm mtn, final updates for live events judges by January 21st  @ 7pm mtn. Judges are responsible for checking for ballots at the appropriate times. 


ANTI-BIAS TRAINING: All judges will be asked to complete a short anti-bias training prior to judging and to reflect on their unconscious biases prior to judging. 


We will be paying $10 per round/session, primarily for college students (but for anyone willing to fill out the paperwork!).




§  Registration costs for all Synch events are $10 per events entries;

§  CX, PF, and Duo are $20

§  $6 for Congress.

§  Asych events are $8.


Fees must be paid according to pre-registration entry numbers as of Jan. 21stMake checks payable to Rocky Mountain High School Forensics. Our bookkeeper is Cindy Evans (cevans@psdschools.org) if you would prefer to contact her and pay by credit card.


AWARDS:  Metals will be awarded to all 1st – 6th  place finishers.  In Congress, Outstanding and Superior speakers will be recognized and Presiding Officers will receive gavels.  Additionally, separate Sweepstakes trophies will be awarded in Public Speaking (CX, LD, Extemp, OO, PF, Congress, Imp.) and Interpretation (HI, DI, Duo, Poetry, POI, CS). Points: 10, 7, 5, 3, 2, 1. Congress points: Sup – 4, Outstanding – 3, PO - 3


PRE-REGISTRATION:  Please submit a preliminary registration by Tuesday, Jan. 18th on the www.tabroom.com web site.  Entries received after that time may not be accepted depending on availability.  Numbers can be changed without cost until Fri., Jan. 21st.



This will allow us to schedule much more quickly and get the first round off as close to 8:00 as possible (or before).


If you have any questions or issues, please contact De Maret on his cell phone at 970-980-5507. 


TENTATIVE SCHEDULE:  Registration will be from 7-7:30 am.  Rounds will proceed as follows:

            8:00 am           A Wave Rd. 1             (CX and One-v-One Debate draw to begin earlier if possible)

            9:45 am           B Wave Rd. 1

            11:30 am         A Wave Rd. 2


            1:30 pm           B Wave Rd. 2

3:00 pm           A Wave Rd. 3

            4:45 pm           B Wave Rd. 3


5:00 pm           Finals, A Wave events

            6:00 pm           Finals, B Wave events

            7:30 pm           Awards


If you have any questions or comments, please contact Paul at (970) 980-5507 or email Paul at pdemaret@psdschools.org.  We look forward to your participation in our tournament!





Paul De Maret and Jaedri Wood


RMHS Forensics