Westwood UIL Invitation

2022 — Austin, TX/US


February 26, 2022

 Dear Colleagues,


We are happy to invite you to the Westwood UIL Classic on February 26, 2022.  Westwood High School is located conveniently in Northwest Austin and is easily accessible from every direction.


We offer every UIL Academic event, which also includes the Speech and Debate events. We have gone to great efforts to acquire some of the best judges available in each event. Since we ultimately see this as an excellent practice tournament for your district and state contests, we allow students to double enter in prose and poetry and we also allow students to enter both informative and persuasive extemporaneous speaking.


Our plan is for Number Sense, Math, Calculator, and Science tests will be provided by TMSCA, Spelling test from ASW Enterprises, and all other academic tests will be provided by HEXCO. (Please note: Journalism tests will be UIL Set B.) We are proud to also be offering the additional Journalism event of Copy Editing this year.

Computer Science (Written and Hands-On) - this test, written by a former writer of the official UIL invitational, district, regional, and state CompSci tests, will be a Westwood exclusive!


In addition, we will provide all UIL Set B and all other Third Party testing material free of charge. UIL Set B and other Third Party academic tests will be available electronically in early-March 2020 after the end of UIL invitational competition. 


We offer one of the best hospitality lounges in Central Texas, complimentary to all sponsors and school coaches. When we say ‘best hospitality’, we mean it! Ask any of the coaches and schools who have attended our tournament in the past!


In order to keep the tournament running on schedule we ask that students enjoy the concessions offered (at very reasonable prices) in the cafeteria.


Announcements of the results for individual contests will be made in the cafeteria as quickly as possible after the results become verified. This “rolling announcement” should ensure the tournament runs on time.


All entries must be made here on tabroom. Please no faxes or mailed entries. Proof of payment or check must be submitted on or before the day of the tournament. Each year we do reach full capacity in most of our events offered, so please do not wait until the last minute to enter your entries.


We hope to see you on February 26, 2022 for the Westwood UIL Classic!


Dominic Henderson

Tournament Director