The Bruin Bonanza at Bartlesville

2022 — Bartlesville, OK/US

Thank you all for attending the Bartlesville Bruin Bonanza! We are looking forward to hosting you in person and getting to see everyone compete. Below is the most important information. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to call or email me!

We will be hosting 5A and 6A for qualifying and a Champs division. We will not be hosting novice this year.

Friday: We will have 3 Rounds of debate at 4, 5:30, and 7. Hopefully we can keep that schedule so everyone can get home at a decent time.

Saturday: Out rounds for debate and prelims for speech will begin at 8. Rounds will follow in two hour time blocks for the rest of the day. We should be finished no later than 3 and do awards shortly after. 

Parking: Please do not arrive at the school earlier than 3 as our staff will still be getting kids onto buses before clearing out. Students can be dropped off on the south end of the building beside the Fine Arts Center and enter through those doors. Buses can be left either in the east parking lot beside the grass practice fields, or in south lot across from the FAC.

We will be following the guidelines below to ensure the safety of students and everyone in attendance due to the increase in COVID-19 cases the past few weeks.

1. Masks are required when not speaking during a competition.

2. All competition rooms will be spaced out as much as the room allows. Those who are competing should stand near the front of the classroom where we will have air filters running throughout the day.

3. Teams should try to space out as much as possible in the commons area when they are not in rounds.

Once again, thanks for attending and we look forward to seeing everyone here!