Valentine Speech Invitational

2023 — Valentine, NE/US

Only Nebraska schools will be allowed to register.  

If you register and have not contacted the tournament director your entries will be deleted.

Results -- 2022




Valentine High School 

Icebreaker Tournament

Dear Speech Coaches,
Welcome to the 2022 Speech Season. The Valentine High School Icebreaker Tournament will
be held on January 15, 2022 at 8:00 a.m. CST. You may submit your entries at You may do that through Tuesday, January 11.

We will have all nine of the NSAA sanctioned events at the cost of $8 per covered entry and $75 for each uncovered judge. One judge covers six entries. The meet will be a three-round, no
finals tournament to allow for more feedback and student experience this early in the season.

We will award medals to both novice and varsity speakers, although we will run them together
in rounds. Due to the small size of our tournament, please plan to judge and try to bring
enough judges to help us cover rounds.

Please let us know of drops as soon as you have them. There will be a brief judge’s meeting at
7:45 that morning to update all of you on any corrections to the schedules. If you will please
register in the office upon your arrival, we will get coaching and judging packets to you then.
Due to COVID-19, we have some protocols to share. Masks are recommended, but not
required. We also encourage social distancing at all times. Please review the following and
share with your students:

School camps will be spaced out.  Upon arrival, you will be given the location of your
designated area.

Hospitality room will consist of prepackaged meals with chips and a drink.  You are allowed to
eat in the Hospitality Room, but please practice social distancing.  We encourage everyone who
is not judging to be monitoring their students in their designated camps.  If you plan on
attending, please email the number of adults you will be bringing, plus the bus driver so we can
ensure we have enough prepackaged meals for everyone.

Speaking rooms will be open for spectators. Please try to social distance.

Concession stand will be open at 10:00 a.m. and will have an array of food items; including
pizza, hot dogs, pop, and candy.
Awards presentation will be in the auditorium. We ask that each team sits together.

VHS Speech Coaches,
Katie Galvin and Alana Cardinal