Scarlet Husky Invite

2022 — NSDA Campus, IA/US

The Scarlet Husky is February 4-5th VIRTUAL!

(This page will continue to be updated with more information over the winter break in anticipation of opening registration Monday, Jan. 3!


Des Moines’ East High School Scarlets


Hoover High School Huskies  

cordially invite all schools, both in- and out-of-state, to compete in a


The Scarlet-Husky


 All events are synchronous.  All times are in Central Standard Time (CST). 


–+– ZOOM Links for TAB STAFF & EXTEMP PREP will be available at 3 pm on Friday, Feb. 4–+–

 1/31/22: Congress Legislation Uploaded!  See "Congress Legislation" tab or use the link here: Legislation - Google Drive



Friday-only Speech events include: 

  • Dramatic Interp, 

  • Duo Interp, 

  • Humorous Interp, 

  • Program Oral Interp, 

  • Informative, 

  • Original Oratory, 

  • Mixed Extemp, and 

  • Spontaneous Speaking* 

Double-entry is permitted.

One judge per 5 entries is owed. 

 *Spontaneous Speaking is a live-speaking event similar to Impromptu where students choose 1 prompt out of 3 options provided in-round.  Students may use one segment of up to 3 minutes of preparation time on camera without online access and a maximum of one segment of up to 5 minutes of speaking time; using less prep does not allow more speaking time. 


Congressional Debate will be Saturday only. 

One judge per 8 entries is owed. 

Please email legislation to by Friday, January 28; docket will be posted by Monday, Jan. 31.


Additional Saturday-only Debate events include Lincoln-Douglas and Open Public Forum. 


One judge per 2 entries is owed so we can single-flight rounds. 


All entries are due Sunday, 1/30 at 11:59 p.m. CT.

Penalties begin 2/2 at 5:00 p.m. CT.


The full tournament schedule can be found online here: Schedule



Solo events are $15 each, Congress is $20 each, and partner events are $30 per pair.  Fees & obligations freeze and penalties begin 2/2 at 5pm.

 We kindly request payments in full prior to the start of the tournament.

Please make checks payable to Hoover High School and mail to:

Hoover High School 

Attn: Aymi Paradise-Flores 

4800 Aurora Ave 

Des Moines, IA 50310. 


Judges are due 2/2 at 5:00 p.m. CT.

Schools are expected to fulfill their judging obligations in order for the tournament to run smoothly. 

 We would much rather have your qualified judges than your money, but schools can buy out each judging obligation for $200; however, only a limited number of hired judges are available. Buyouts are not approved until you receive notice from Tabroom that the tournament director has approved your request and a judge has been hired on your behalf.

WE ACTIVELY DISCOURAGE AND REQUEST THAT JUDGES DO NOT JUDGE ROUNDS BELONGING TO SEPARATE TOURNAMENTS SIMULTANEOUSLY. Judges associated with a school who do not meet their judging obligation because they are judging for a separate tournament will be fined the full missing judge fee ($200). Judges who miss their rounds repeatedly will be fined per round as needed. Please respect students' time and work by being present in all rounds. 

 Judge instructions, procedures, & resources can be found online: Judges' Calibration Steps


Technology Requirements 

All students and judges will need linked accounts to participate. All events will be held live on NSDA Campus. If your students are competing on NSDA Campus for the first time this year from school or workplace wifi, it is IMPERATIVE that you reach out to the space's IT department and share this website to ensure that your students will have the ability to access rooms. Most schools do not have port 10000 UDP open by default, which means your students will not be able to compete unless the IT department can make this adjustment before the tournament!


Have your students log in to and join the "Test Competition Room" on the right side of their page. It is important that they test using the Competition Room (not the utility/practice room). Have students join with other students on your roster, as all students on your roster will be directed to the same space to test that they can hear/see each other. This will let them confirm they are all set up to compete!


Share these video tutorials about using NSDA Campus with your students and judges: Instructions for Competing On Campus and Instructions for Judging on Campus.