Congressional Christmas Classic

2021 — Zoom, US
12/27/2021: Congress Live Doc



Tournament Zoom Links

Main Meeting Antechamber 

Password: Christmas

Chamber 1 

Password: Christmas

Chamber 2

Password: Christmas



The Congressional Christmas Classic is a FREE online congressional debate tournament held on December 29th! 


We’ll be using this tournament to bring the Congressional Debate community together right before the holidays to celebrate the end of 2021 and the start of a new year!


If you have any questions, email our official email -, one of our tournament directors (by clicking our names on the right-hand side), or send us a DM on Instagram @christmas_congress.




We'll be hosting you through Zoom, Tabroom, and Discord. Please make sure you have an account on all three platforms. 

Competitors: Please sign-up using this Google Form:

Judge Registration (while we aren’t using bonds to hire judges, we'd love it for you to volunteer your time!)

If you can judge please sign-up using the link below (reminder that you cannot be a competitor and a judge) 


Competitor Registration

Sign-up on Tabroom in one of the following ways:

  • Have your school or coach sign you up

  • Sign-Up under your own independent Tabroom Organization

  • Contact Tournament Staff and have them enter you.

We encourage you to spread the holiday spirit during your rounds by decorating or dressing up (this can be a Santa hat, candy cane tie, reindeer antlers, Christmas lights, etc.) At the end of each round, the Parliamentarian will vote amongst the chamber for the Senator with the best holiday spirit!



9:00 am EST: Preliminary Chambers Released

12:00 pm EST – 1:30 pm EST: Prelims Session 1

2:00 pm EST – 3:30 pm EST: Prelims Session 2

4:00 pm EST: Finals breaks released

4:30 pm EST – 6:00 pm EST: Finals

6:30 pm EST: Awards