Warren Winter Forum

2021 — San Antonio, TX/US

Welcome to the Warren Winter Forum

We are excited to welcome everyone back to Warren High School for your Winter Forum!

All entries will be wait-listed initially. Students may enter 3 IEs in each section. If entering extemp, they may only enter in one other Section A event. Brackets will not be broken in debate. Congress will debate items 9-16 during prelims, and finals will debate 1-8.  

Please make sure that each school has a school-approved coach/sponsor throughout the day. 

Section A: DX, FX, NX, DUO, DA, PO, INF, HI

Section B: DI, OO, PR, POI


7:30am-8:30am - Registration

7:45am - Extemp Draw

8:00am - CX Round 1

8:15am - Round 1 Section A

9:45am - Congress Prelims

9:45am - Debate Round 1 / Prelims Section B

10:00am - CX Round 2

11:45am - Debate Round 2 / Semis Section B

12:00pm - CX Round 3

1:45pm - Extemp Draw

2:15pm - Semis Section A

2:30pm - CX Quarters

3:30pm - Congress Finals 

3:45pm - Debate Round 3 / Finals Section B

4:30pm - CX Semis

5:45pm - Extemp Draw

6:15pm - Finals Section A

6:30pm - CX Finals

7:15pm - Debate Quarters

8:15pm - Debate Semis

9:15pm - Debate Finals

Rounds will be accelerated if possible. 

Competitors and coaches/sponsors are strongly encouraged to wear masks when not competing. We are also working to make social distancing available whenever possible. Schools should not bring students that have tested positive for COVID or bring students who are exhibiting COVID symptoms withing the last 7 days. If you do have a student that tests positive for COVID after the tournament, please contact Dariela Rodriguez so we can contact trace.