Utah Speech Arts

2022 — NSDA Campus, UT/US

Welcome to the Utah Debate Coaches Association Speech Arts Speech Tournament! (ONLINE)


Fees                                                         Judges

$15 School Fee/Day                                the Same Judges may be used in Speech/Debate, not Policy

$4/individual/event                                  1:6 Speech Judge, 1:2 Debate Judges, 1:4 Congress Judges

Events will be held live synchronously online. Back up videos will be used only in case of technology issues that cannot be fixed in 20 min.

PLEASE REACH OUT IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO PAY FEES--We have a way to help with this!

WE WILL RUN THIS LIKE a Double Entry State. Policy cannot double enter, but Students may double enter a debate and speech event otherwise.

To help smaller teams/school, Students may also double enter between speech events (not the same event though) UNLESS THEY ARE IN EXTEMP.

THERE IS ONLY 1 Entry per school Per Division/Event. (IE 1 Champion, 1 Varsity, 1 JV, 1 Novice) Novice is that they have not competed in Speech and Debate (in any event) at the HS level prior to this year (one tournament only exception). 

Please note that there are no rules against sitting on the floor, using space of the room, etc for any of the interp or oratory events. There is NO use of props except for the binder in POI and Visual aids for Informative.

We look forward to seeing you all with us!



Speech                                                  Policy

3:00 pm Check in/3:30pm Instructions

3:30pm Extemp Prep start

4pm Rd 1                                           4pm Round 1

5pm Rd 2                       

6:30pm Rd 3                                      6pm Round 2

Finals if needed 8pm


8:00am check in/8:30 Instructions

9am PF/LD Round 1                          Policy Round 3                   Congress Session 1 (3 hours)

10am PF/LD Round 2

11am PF/LD Round 3                        Policy Round 4 

12:30pm PF/LD Round 4                                                         Congress Session 2  (3 Hours)

1:30pm.  PF/LD Round 5                  Policy Round 5

2:30pm PF/LD Partial Quarters if needed or semis

3:30pm PF/LD Semi or finals            Policy Finals As needed

4:30pm PF/LD Finals