King Novice Invitational

2021 — NSDA Campus, WI/US

 2021 King Novice Invitational

Saturday, December 4th



Divisions: Three rounds of Novice Policy. Novice is defined as first year high school competitor. Middle School debate is welcome in the novice division. Please keep any oral comments after the round to a minimum.


Prep time is 10 minutes. Each team gets 15 minutes per round of tech time to resolve technology issues.  


Topics: Policy-Water Protection. We will follow the WDCA novice packet restrictions (three aff plan text options, 1 CP plan text option, and 1 K alternative text options).  


Judge Requirements: 1 judge per 1-2 entries or any fraction thereof.


Tech or DEI Issues: Tech issues during the tournament can go to or 414-202-5619.


Tentative Schedule:


Registration Time: 8-8:30 (text or call 414-202-5619 if you have changes)


VERY brief opening meeting at 8:30

Rd 1: 8:45

Rd 2: 11

Rd 3: 1:30

Optional Rd 4: 3:30


Fees:    $15 per entry


Make checks payable to Rufus King Debate.


If possible, please mail to:


Rufus King Debate


3608 N 98th,


Milwaukee, WI 53222 


If mailing to the school, that is fine just please let me know so I can alert King’s principal.




Registration: Registration deadline is Friday, Dec. 3rd by 12:00pm. Let me know if you have problems.


In the morning, online check in is enabled OR contact Stephanie.