Sudan HS Speak the Speech I Pray You Classic

2022 — Sudan, TX/US
               Sudan HS "Speak the Speech I Pray You" Classic

                                                       Sat. January 8th, 2022



The tournament is an in-person onsite TFA tournament offering 14 events: CX, Congress, L-D (UIL Spring topic), HI, DI, Informative, DX, FX, Duo, Duet, POI, OO, Poetry, and Prose. Patterns and entry limits-
Pattern A: Duo, DI, Po, POI, DX, FX (May enter 2 events and one Extemp.)
Pattern B: OO, Pr, HI, Duet, Informative (May enter 2 events.)
Debate: CX and L-D debate may not cross enter.
Congress: Congress may only cross enter one event in pattern B.


8:00 Rd 1
9:30 Rd 2
11:00 Rd 3
1:30 Qtrs
3:15 Semis
5:00 Finals

7:45-9:15 Rd 1 (1.5 hour) Prelim Session 1
10:50-12:20 Rd 2 (1.5 hour) Prelim Session 2
1:45-3:45 (2 hour) Final

Pattern A:
8:00-9:30 Prelim 1 (Draw 7:45)
11:00-12:30 Prelim 2
2:00-3:30 Semis
5:00-6:15 Final

Pattern B:
9:30-10:50 Prelim 1
12:30-1:50 Prelim 2
3:30-4:50 Semis
6:15 Finals


Poetry/Prose will be reader's choice.
L-D will use the UIL Spring topic.
Congress will use a selection from the TFA Jan-Feb docket. Prelims will use 1-5, and finals will use 6-10.
If you enter a debater you must provide one judge or $50.00 ($50 will cover all of your debaters).


Trophies will be awarded through 6th place and quarters in debate.
Sudan HS will donate 1 dollar for every student competitor to the WTSA Camp Scholarship Fund.


IEs will be $13.00. L-D, Duo, and Duet are $18.00 and CX is $23.00. Any school with debaters must register one judge or pay $50.00.
Loss of fee for drops will be incurred after 4:00 P.M. on Wednesday the 5th.
Checks should be made out to: Sudan High School.
You may bring the check the morning of the contest or mail it to:
                    Sudan ISD
                    Attn: J. Robertson
                    PO Box 249
                    Sudan, TX . 79371

Invoices should be generated on Tabroom.

Tournament Directors:

Jonathan Robertson
James Markham