Sheboygan North Raider Rumble

2021 — NSDA Campus, WI/US

Sheboygan North High School and the SNH Debate Team are excited to welcome you to the Sheboygan North Raider Rumble 2019! We are offering three rounds of both Novice Switch Side and Varsity Switch Side Debate and five rounds of Public Forum and Lincoln-Douglas! Below I have all the necessary information you will need, and as most information is on this invite will be kept brief to the essentials.



Registration for the tournament will occur on Tabroom linked above and is open until 11/17/21 at 8:30 PM. Fees will also freeze at this time. Judging registration is until the same time. Drops will be allowed until 11/18/21 at 5:30 PM, but you will be on the hook for any judge commitments and/or fees from the dropped teams after the Wednesday deadline. Nuisance fines for drops will begin at 12pm on Friday, November 19th.


On the morning of the tournament, please complete the online check-in by 8:00am. If that is not a possibility, please text me your confirmation and I will complete it. My contact number is 920-627-2399. I will send a confirmation text back to you. We will begin with a morning zoom meeting at 8:15am which should only last a few minutes. This will also be open throughout the tournament and be used for the awards ceremony at the conclusion of the tournament day.


Rounds will begin soon after the morning meeting. A tentative schedule for rounds is:





Rd 1- 8:30am

Rd 1 – 8:30

Rd 2 – 9:30

Rd 2 – 10:30am

Rd 3 – 10:30

Rd 4 – 11:30


Rd 3 – 1:00pm

Rd 5 – 1:00

Awards - 3:00 @ Zoom Meeting


Entry Fees:

VSS or NSS @ $20 per team

JVPF/PF @ $20 per team

JVLD/L­D @ $15 per student

Assessed Missing Judge Fee @ $100


Judge Requirements: ‚Äč

  • One for every 1 or 2 Novice Policy teams entered.

  • One for every 1 or 2 Varsity Policy teams entered.

(We are separating the judging pools due to expected low numbers in the policy categories)

  • One for every 1 or 2 LD entries.

  • One for every 1 or 2 PF entries.

We will most likely not have many/any extra judges, so please make sure that you fulfill your judging obligations.


Checks can be made available to Sheboygan North Debate Team. Payments can be mailed ahead of time to:

Attn: Anton Shircel, Debate Coach

Sheboygan North High School

1042 School Ave

Sheboygan, WI 53083


Event Details:

VSS/NSS: Varsity will follow the 8-minute prep time rule. Novices will have also have 8 minutes. Both divisions will have three rounds.

Topic - Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its protection of water resources in the United States.


Public Forum: PF will have 5 rounds and have the normal flip for sides format with 4 minutes of prep time. Remember as well that summaries are 3 minutes.

Topic - Resolved: Increased United States federal regulation of cryptocurrency transactions and/or assets will produce more benefits than harms.


Lincoln Douglas: This division will also hold 5 rounds with the standard 5-minute prep.

Topic - Resolved: Resolved: A just government ought to recognize an unconditional right of workers to strike.


In addition, mavericks will be allowed and can win rounds.