Rock Springs HS Tiger Classic

2021 — Rock Springs, WY/US

The Rock Springs High School Speech and Debate Team is excited to host an in-person, novice/varsity tournament November 19th-20th at Rock Springs High School. We will offer all customary Wyoming events, including the occasionally-appearing and under-appreciated impromptu. Judging obligations will be kept low to facilitate travel to our fair corner of the state. :)

Every year we have some fun with our tournament - we try to make it fun as well as functional. This year, those joyful additions have a more somber source. As the Wyoming Speech and Debate community is aware, we lost RSHS/UW debater Mack Kramer in September. Mack had a brilliant mind, a generous nature, and shaped the Rock Springs High School team in every possible way. They instilled a strong work ethic and a culture of constant improvement. They designed our logo and forever left our team with an unnatural love of Goldfish Crackers and rubber ducks. We cannot match Mack's shenanigans at our tournament (nor should we try!) but if we succeed in infusing any of the warmth, humor, kindness, fun, and high standards that were Mack's hallmark traits into our event, this will be an event to remember.

Awards: We will award "Triple Threat" trophies for the top 6 prelims scorers who compete in at least three events in both novice and varsity divisions, medals for the top speaker in each debate event/division, very fun, spinny medals for first through third place in each event/division, ribbons for 4th-6th, and shiny trophies for the top two placing teams in 4A, 3A, and 1A/2A. The awards for novice and varsity are the same.

Double/Triple Entering within a pattern - Please use common sense. Do not double-enter policy and duo (or anything else, if you're doing policy!) in the "D" pattern, try to do all 7 events in HOPE, etc. We will allow double-entry with, for example, PF and POI, or Extemp and Humor, but all doubling or tripling is at the competitor's risk! Communicate with your judges and respect their time. If rounds are missed, the relevant entries will be dropped, the entry fee forfeited, and we will give the offender serious stink-eye.

Novices may ALSO ENTER THE VARSITY DIVISION in the same events - we have updated our schedule to reflect that option - novice and varsity divisions will run opposite each other. 

Elim rounds - allowance for debate quarterfinals has been built into the schedule, and our priority will be to run as many rounds with as many competitors as numbers warrant. We hope to break all winning records in debate. 


Given the realities of hosting any tournament in a pandemic, we are allowing entry drops without penalty through registration. If someone has so much as a sniffle, please keep them home! Also, please help us keep our sanity by adjusting entries as soon as you are aware a change needs to be made.


Event patterns and schedule are as follows:

"Ds" Pattern -   Policy Debate, Public Forum Debate, Lincoln Douglas Debate, Drama, Duo, Program Oral Interpretation

HOPE Pattern - Humor, Oratory, Poetry, Extemporaneous, Informative, Congress, Impromptu


Friday, November 19, 2021

Registration     11-noon

Varsity Ds round 1:        1pm-2:30

Novice HOPE round 1:    1pm-2:30


Varsity HOPE round 1:   2:30-4pm

Novice Ds round 1:        2:30-4pm


Varsity Ds round 2:         4pm-5:30

Novice HOPE round 2:     4pm-5:30


Varsity HOPE round 2:     5:30pm-7pm

Novice Ds round 2:         5:30pm-7pm


Varsity Ds round 3:        7pm-8:30pm

Novice HOPE round 3:    7pm-8:30pm


Varsity HOPE round 3:   8:30pm-9:30pm – NO Congress this round – round 3 of Congress will be in the morning

Novice Ds round 3:        8:30pm-9:30pm (we will single flight debates)


Saturday, November 20, 2021

Varsity Ds round 4:       8am-9:30pm

Novice HOPE round 4:   8am-9:30pm


Varsity HOPE round 4:   9:30am-11am

Novice Ds round 4:        9:30am-11am


Varsity Ds elim 1:          11am-12:30pm

Novice HOPE semis:       11am-12:30pm


Varsity HOPE semis:      12:30pm-2pm

Novice Ds elim 1:          12:30-2pm


Varsity Ds elim 2:           2pm-3:30pm

Novice HOPE finals:        2pm-3:30pm


Varsity HOPE finals:      3:30pm-5pm

Novice Ds elim 2:          3:30pm-5pm


Varsity Debate elim 3:   5pm-6pm – as needed

Novice Ds elim 3:          5pm-6pm - as needed


Awards:               6:00pmish

We will move up rounds as we are able!


We anticipate registration opening at 4pm, MDT Wednesday, October 13th.


Questions? Email RSHS Head Coach Stephanie Cozzens