2021 — NSDA Campus, GA/US

Greetings friends and colleagues. Looking forward to hosting everyone again this year.


The tournament will be online and administered through NSDA Campus. I am pleased to say that Kevin Hamrick will be running the tab room for us.

Varsity will run Saturday through Monday. For this year, the Varsity division will be a TOC qualifier at semifinals. 


JV and Novice will each have six prelims. The number of elim rounds will be contingent on the number of entries. Competitors in the Novice division will be limited to the use of the GFCA evidence packet, which is available here


SCHEDULE - in Eastern Time:

Saturday, November 20th


Round 1 pairings:  10:00 AM ET
Round 1 start time: 10:30 AM ET


Round 2 pairings: 1:00 PM ET

Round 2 start time:  1:30 PM ET


Round 3 pairings: 4:00 PM ET

Round 3 start time:  4:30 PM ET


Round 4 pairings: 7:00 PM ET

Round 4 start time:  7:30 PM ET


Sunday, November 21st


Round 5 pairings: 10:00 AM ET

Round 5 start time: 10:30 AM ET


Round 6 pairings:  1:30 PM ET

Round 6 start time:   2:00 PM ET


Octafinals & JV/Novice Elim 1 pairings: 4:30 PM ET

Octafinals & JV/Novice Elim 1 start time:  5:00 PM ET


Quarterfinals & JV/Novice Elim 2 pairings: 7:30 PM ET

Quarterfinals & JV/Novice Elim 2 start time: 8:00 PM ET


Monday, November 22nd


Semifnals & JV/Novice Elim 3 pairings:  10:00 AM ET

Semifnals & JV/Novice Elim 3 start time: 10:30 AM ET


Finals & JV/Novice Elim 4 pairings:  1:00 PM ET

Finals & JV/Novice Elim 4 start time:     1:30 PM ET