Ringneck Novice After School Tournament

2021 — Online, SD/US

We are excited to host a FREE ONLINE tournament for NOVICE competitors in LD and Public Forum. Both groups will be using the current Nov/Dec NSDA topic. We have 3 rounds of debate and please note all rounds are CST. Judges can be current high school debaters and please cover your judges. 1 judge for every 2 entries. 


This tournament is geared towards offering an educational debate experience. No oral critiques please because we do not have time built into the schedule for that. 

It is our hope to host via Zoom. Think of Zoom as the school. Break out rooms as the classrooms. and Tabroom is where the rounds are posted. 

3:45 Check in 

4:00 Round 1 

5:00 Round 2

6:00 Round 3

There will not be an awards ceremony.  

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Meeting ID: 805 805 7241