Southside Invitational at Humboldt High School

2021 — Online, MN/US

The 2021 Southside Invitational (previously the Northside Invitational) will be held IN PERSON at Humboldt High School in St Paul (30 Baker St E, St Paul, MN 55107). The main entrance is the part of the building nearest to the parking lot - it looks like it has recently been remodeled.

Depending on number of entries and rooms we will either be housing everyone in the cafeteria or breaking up schools into their own classrooms as 'home bases.'



All teams should plan to arrive by 9:30am and head to their team's home location (either cafeteria or a classroom)

First round at 10:00

Lunch at 12:00

Pairings for second round at 12:30

Second round starts at 1:00

Third round at 3:00ish

Tournament done around 5:00ish


Reminder, all teams should ensure that any adults traveling with them (judges, coaches, parents, etc.) are vaccinated as per district policy. If your personnel cannot confirm that they are vaccinated then we cannot let the be physically at the tournament.