SCJFL Elementary School 1st Quarter Speech Debate Tournament

2021 — Online, CA/US

2021 SCJFL 1st Quarter Elementary Tournament


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On Saturday, November 6th, 2021 the SCJFL will be hosting the 1st Quarter Elementary Tournament, and we hope that your school or organization will be joining us. 


*** Click here to register for this tournament***


Location: online



You may register competitors at:

We will close entries on Tuesday. November 2nd at noon, PST.


Pattern A: Debate Events



—Public Forum (resolved: The United States should require all its citizens to be vaccinated for COVID-19.)


Pattern B: Individual Events:

—Storytelling (5 min.)

—Informative (5 min., visual aids are permitted)
—Duo (5 min.)
—Poetry (5 min.; uses a binder)
—Declamation (5 min.)

—Persuasive (5 min.)
—Impromptu (7 min. bank) (open & novice divisions, but may collapse divisions)

Round 1 - concrete nouns 

Round 2 - abstract nouns 

Round 3 - Adjectives 

Final Round - quotations 



Students may enter up to two events.  For a complete list of rules, please visit the website and click on RULES & BY-LAWS.





$10 per individual entry (Duo is $20)

One judge covers 5 IE slots (includes SPAR).  

One judge covers 10 Congress slots.  

One judge covers 2 Public Forum Debate slots.

Uncovered judge fee for IE/Congress events: $20 per uncovered entry

Uncovered judge fee for debate events: $75 per uncovered entry
Changes or drops after Tuesday. November 2nd, 2021 at 12:00 p.m. PST will be charged a $10 nuisance fee for each change or drop.  Judges changes after November 4th 12:05 a.m. PST will be charged a $50 judge nuisance fee.  Judge drops after this date will be charged a $100 judge no-show fee.  

All fees should be paid through the website.  Click the TOURNAMENT FEES tab on the left side of the tournament home page.



Judging Requirements: 

One judge covers 5 IE slots; 10 Congress slots; or 2 debate slots.

Please remember that judge training is the responsibility of the school entering that judge. 





9:00 – Round 1 - Pattern A

10:30 – Round 2 - Pattern A

11:30 – Round 3 - Pattern A

1:00 –  Finals - Pattern A



2:00 - Round 1 - Pattern B

3:30 - Round 2 - Pattern B

4:30 - Round 3 - Pattern B

6:00 - Finals - Pattern B


7:30 – Awards


Postings will be texted or e-mailed, depending on your preference.  Please notify your coach which you prefer.


Rules: All rules can be found in the SCJFL by-laws at


Tournament director: Robert Cannon - Wilshire Academy