BISC Northern Tournament

2022 — Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China, CN




We cordially invite you and your team to the BASIS International & Bilingual Schools China Northern Speech & Debate Tournament, which will be held Saturday June 25th to Sunday June 26th in Hangzhou, CN. This tournament will consist of competition in Extemporaneous Speaking, Impromptu Speaking, Interpretation, Original Oratory, and Public Forum Debate. 



We will be piloting a new “interpretation” category for students who are interested in acting events. Students may utilize a broad range of literature including prose, poetry, drama, humor, news, etc. You may take inspiration for the range of competitive events offered by the NSDA in the United States (DI, HI, POI, PO, PR). Judges shall be informed of the experimental and varied nature of the event and asked to evaluate accordingly.

本次比赛新设口译项目,主要面向对表演活动感兴趣的学生。参赛选手可以从广泛的文学作品中取材,文体包括散文、诗歌、戏剧、幽默、新闻等。学生可以从全美演讲与辩论联盟组织 NSDA)的一系列竞赛活动(戏剧型演讲幽默型演讲项目口译、诗歌口译、散文口译)中获得灵感。裁判们应知晓本赛事的实验性和多样性,并据此进行评价。


Due to the ongoing and evolving COVID-19 situation, we strongly advise all families to pay attention to their local policies and provincial guidelines. Please be prepared for the possibility of the tournament being moved to NSDA Campus (online through Tabroom) in the event of regulations discontinuing an in-person event.

由于新冠疫情的持续变化,我们强烈建议所有参赛选手和团队关注当地政策和省级指导方针,做好比赛活动可能改为在NSDA Campus平台(通过Tabroom网站进入)线上举办的准备。


The web site will begin accepting entries on May 1, 2022. You are responsible for entering your school and student information, and also for getting the spelling and event information correct. All registration will be conducted electronically.  This means that you must confirm your entries and judges online. Due to the need to travel and potential cancellation due to COVID, we ask that all preliminary entries be confirmed by June 1. This will give ample time to pivot if necessary.

网站将于202251日开始接受报名。带队教师需要录入学校和学生信息,确保信息准确、无拼写错误。本次比赛的注册将全部以电子方式进行,需在线确认参赛资格和裁判。由于出行需要以及疫情影响,所有注册及确认须在 6 1 日之前完成,以便组委会有充足的时间进行必要的安排和调整。


We look forward to seeing you this June!



Colin Malinak

BIBS · C Director of Speech & Debate