Golden Gate Invitational

2021 — Online, CA/US

2021 Golden Gate Invitational

We hope that everyone is doing well. Parliamentary Debate at Berkeley is happy to announce another year that we will host the 2021 Golden Gate Invitational! This year the tournament will occur from October 30, 2021 to October 31, 2021. We want to thank everyone who attended our tournament in past years and those who plan to attend this year for their support of this tournament and our program! Due to the pandemic, the tournament this year will be hosted on Discord.


NPDA/NPTE Parliamentary Debate

The Golden Gate Invitational offers 5 rounds of open NPDA/NPTE parliamentary debate. All competitors who meet NPDA eligibility standards are welcome to compete in the open division, regardless of experience level. We will break up to 32 competitors with a 4-2 record, but we reserve the right to adapt breaks as necessary based on the size of the entry field. Topics will be announced and released online, and teams will have 25 minutes to prepare before the round. Since our tournament is in an online format this year, the 5 minute period for debaters to physically get to the classrooms no longer applies, so rounds will begin right after prep time is over.  Rather than a strict forfeit rule, teams arriving at their room after the end of the 25-minute prep will have the time that they are late to the round subtracted from their first constructive speech (ex: if the affirmative team is 1 minute late, this would result in a 6 minute PMC, or a 7 minute LOC if the negative is 1 minute late). The team will forfeit the round when the entirety of the first constructive speech has run out.

We will be using 2 minute flex time after the PMC and LOC, and 1 minute flex time after the MGC and LOR to be used for preparation or cross-examination (same flex time system as NPDA/NPTE). We highly encourage judge disclosure (though we ask that you turn in your ballot before doing so) and will post all results online. We will administer the tournament in accordance with NPDA rules and will be sanctioned by the NPDA. Teams will be seeded based on W-L record, adjusted speaker points, total speaker points, double adjusted speaker points, opponent wins, and a random number, in that order. We will break brackets in elimination rounds.

We will use the mutual preference judging system to allow teams to rank their judges. We plan to offer at least three categories, dependent on the number of entries, although we usually provide ordinal rankings. We also plan to offer strikes, as long as there are enough judges. We reserve the right to waive MPJ if teams do not bring an adequate number of judges.

Entry Procedure

We will handle entries through, at:    

Please submit all entries by Wednesday, October 27, 2021, at 8:00pm PST. This is a hard deadline. Schools will be responsible for the cost of any drops after this date. 



We will charge a hired judge fee of $175 for each uncovered entry. Not a typo.

One judge will cover 2 debate teams. Teams may share half-commitments, but otherwise we expect judges to be available for every round. If you choose to split your commitment between multiple judges, we will do our best to give your judges rounds off, but reserve the right to “draft” your excess judges if we cannot avoid doing so without disregarding strikes. If we do so, we will either 

(a) try to relieve your judges of their elimination round commitments or, failing that, 

(b) pay them $20 per extra round judged.

Please bring sufficient judges to cover your entries! We charge a steep uncovered judge fee because it has historically been difficult to hire enough judges to cover all uncovered teams. Judges must have an undergraduate degree or be out of competitive eligibility. Judges are committed for one full elimination round beyond the round in which their school is eliminated. We request that all critics upload a philosophy on

If you have judges in excess of your commitment, we would like to hire them. We will offer $20 per round, and will pay judges willing to commit to the entire weekend an extra $25 on top of any rounds judged. Experienced judges may be offered a premium rate for the weekend. Please email for more details.



We will charge the following fees:

$50.00 per NPDA entry

$50.00 school fee (waived for NCFA member schools and student-run programs). 

$175.00  per uncovered team (in addition to entry fees).



Payments should be made through PayPal to the account associated with, by end-of-day October 29, 2021.

  • Invoices will be managed directly through Tabroom this year. You can view fees due and access your invoice under the “Fees” header when viewing your tournament registration. 

  • Please write in the notes/title of the payment: [School - GGI Entry Fees Payment] 

  • If you need an invoice directly from Parliamentary Debate at Berkeley, send us an email requesting one no later than October 25, 2021. Please ensure that all entries and judges are finalized before making this request.

  • If you have any questions, contact


Fee Breaks

Our aim is to make this tournament as accessible as possible, particularly to student-run, community college, and other low-budget teams. As such, if entry fees are unaffordable, please email us at and we will do our best to provide fee breaks or negotiate reciprocity agreements on a case-by-case basis.

We tend to be very generous in awarding fee breaks, but we cannot help you if you do not contact us first. We expect that any team receiving a fee break will cover their entries with qualified judges.



Tournament Announcements:

We will use this document for tournament announcements:



We will recognize the following with awards:

·      All teams advancing to the elimination rounds;

·      The top 10 speakers;

·      The top 3 schools in sweepstakes, as well as the top community college (3 points per prelim win and 3 points for each team in elimination rounds, based on a school’s top four teams). 

Due to the online format, those who will be receiving awards will be mailed the certificates. We will be sanctioned by the NPDA and will count for both NPTE and NPDA points. 

We will also offer the Sharmi Doshi ’10 Award to recognize a person or team who has made particularly valuable contributions to empower women, people of color, or other groups who have been under-represented in the debate community. We recognized previous winners 

  • Mike Selck (Southern Illinois) and the team of Megan Gaffney & Katie Bergus (Oregon) in 2012 

  • Alice Lin (Berkeley) in 2014

  • Amanda Ozaki-Laughon (Concordia) in 2015

  • Steve Farias (University of the Pacific) and Quintin Brown (Washburn) in 2016

  • Sarah Dweik (Washburn) in 2017

  • lila lavender (Western Washington) in 2018

  • Mary Talamantez (Lewis & Clark) in 2019

  • Adeja Powell (McKendree) in 2020

We look forward to recognizing another deserving member of the community this year.




*The following times are all in Pacific Time.


Saturday, October 30

7:30am – 8:00am



Topic Announcement, Round I


Topic Announcement, Round II

11:30am – 12:15pm



Topic Announcement, Round III


Topic Announcement, Round IV


Topic Announcement, Round V


Topic Announcement, Round VI


NOTE: Daylight Savings Time takes place on November 1. Our clocks will be set back one hour (we gain an hour of sleep).

Sunday, October 31


Elimination Debate I


Elimination Debate II

11:30am – 11:45am



Elimination Debate III


Elimination Debate IV

3:30pm – 3:45pm



Elimination Debate V (if necessary)



**Please note: We reserve the right to adjust the schedule as necessary. If the schedule is adjusted, we will notify all participants as soon as possible. We anticipate that all rounds will be held on a virtual medium, likely Zoom or Discord.