Maize High Novice EXP Level up

2021 — Online, KS/US

Good Afternoon


This is your invitation to the Maize High "Novice EXP - Level up" online tournament hosted on September 28 via zoom.


This tournament is for your novices who might not be able to get out to an in-person tournament as early as you would like, or who may not be able to go to an in-person tournament at all. It is 2 rounds in front of "school judges" . I have extra time in the schedule for your students to ask questions and for the rounds to move at a pretty slow pace so that kids can get the help they need.  They will get 1 aff round and 1  neg round. I will have some of my own students in the tournament. 


Registration: Will be posted on tabroom


Entry Fees:  3$/Team.  I'm not trying to steal from your program to pay for mine. If you are hosting something later and want to trade entries with me, cool. The entry fee is to cover Ad Astra to help with hosting and to show appreciation for providing the tournament for your novices.


Medals/Trophies: There will be none. 


Judges: 1 judge for every 2 entries. No exceptions. I am not recruiting a community pool. We will gladly accept your 3rd and 4th year students as a judge. But please remind them that this tournament exists to provide an early experience for novices, they should be constructive and helpful;  and above all else kind and encouraging.


Schedule: Tuesday 9/28

Check in - 3:30 pm

Round 1 - 4:00 pm

Round 2 - 6:30 pm

Awards 8pm or ASAP - We will recognize all teams that are 2-0 for a quick zoom applause.



Curtis Shephard

Maize High School Debate and Competitive Speech & Acting

West KS NSDA District Committee