Simpson Storm

2021 — Online, IA/US

Greetings from Iowa!  We welcome you (virtually) to Simpson College in October for a one-day tournament experience. We offer varsity and novice Public Forum, varsity and novice Lincoln Douglas, and novice Policy. We also offer Dramatic Interpretation, Humorous Interpretation, Program of Oral Interpretation (POI), Informative, Oratory, Extemp, and Spontaneous Speaking. 


We are committed to keeping entry fees low.  Speech and single-person debate entries are $5 and team debate entries are $10. We are asking teams to please cover your entries. Each debate judge covers two entries. Each speech judge covers six entries and each congress judge covers 8 entries. Each hired judge for Simpson College must go through a background check and fill out employment paperwork. First-time judges require several weeks to process and are costly. We have a small group of judges we hire throughout the season and we compensate them appropriately. WE WANT YOUR JUDGES NOT YOUR MONEY. Each debate entry that is uncovered is $50 and each speech or congress entry that is uncovered is $10. 


Payment for fees needs to be made out to: 
Simpson College c/o Speech & Debate 
701 N “C” St 
Indianola, IA 50125

We are not able to accept electronic or credit card payments. Please contact us if this creates a challenge for your team. 


Students may double enter in speech or do one form of debate. 



The tournament will be hosted on with rounds occurring virtually on the 8X8 platform.


Simpson College follows the updated rules of the National Speech & Debate Association for all events except Spontaneous Speaking. All debate topics are the NSDA September/October topics (LD/PF) or full-year topics (CX). Schools with entries in Congress may upload their legislation in 


Judges will evaluate all rounds with the understanding that students may not be able to control their environments. Competitors may be masked or unmasked, in the same room with teammates, or may be in bedrooms or basements of their own homes. Under no circumstances will judges evaluate the rounds on the basis of students' environments, including but not limited to room clutter, dress, masking, and transmission quality of the Internet.   


9 a.m.: Round 1 Debate

9:30 a.m.: Round 1 Speech

10 a.m.: Session 1 Congress

10:30 a.m.: Round 2 Debate

11 a.m.: Round 2 Speech

Noon: Lunch Break 

1 p.m.: Round 3 Debate

1:30 p.m.: Finals Speech

1:30 p.m.: Session 2 Congress

2:30 p.m.: Round 4 Debate

4 p.m. (or ASAP): Awards

4:15 p.m. (or ASAP): Begin Debate Outrounds 


 NOVICE LD  We will use this resolution:  Resolved: Civil disobedience in a democracy is morally justified.


 Novice Policy is limited to the NDCA novice policy packet:


Please email Spencer Waugh at with any questions or concerns. 


We look forward to seeing you online! We look forward to hosting you in-person in the fall of 2022 at Indianola High School for our typical two-day tournament experience. 

Spencer Waugh 
Marisa Mayo