Cary Academy Novice Tournament

2021 — Online, VA/US

Hello and welcome to CA's mock in-house tournament!


Here is the main link for the zoom room(s) we'll be utilizing throughout the day. Be sure to refer back to your individual rounds via schemats to figure out which break out room you'll be in!


Competitors- be sure to dress (at least your top half) in formal attire for the rounds you have

Judges- when assigning scores and ranks to ballots- list the speaking order and default scores of increments by 5 starting from 70. (75, 80, 85, 90, 95)


Impromptu Topics:

Round 1- Comfort Foods

Round 2- Quotes


Schedule is as follows:

Congress- 1:15-2:45 with One Session including feedback


Round 1- 1:15-2:15

Round 2- 2:20-3:20