Arkansas Novice Relays

2021 — NSDA Campus, AR/US

We are so excited to be offering the 2nd Annual Arkansas Novice Relays.  This year's tournament will again be virtual per Arkansas Guidelines for all Fall Tournaments for Covid Safety.  However, that does not mean that schools from out of state are not welcome to join us.   This tournament will be virtual using NSDA Campus and all rounds will be held live.  We will be hosting 1 prelim round, 1 Semi-final, and 1 final round for individual events, 3 prelim rounds of IPDA Debate with elimination rounds as needed out to finals, and 2 (2 hour Prelim sessions) and 1 (2 hour final round session) of congressional debate.


We are glad to offer Novice IPDA and Novice Congressional for Debate and for Individual events we will be offering Novice Impromptu, Novice Storytelling, Declamation, Novice Poetry, Novice Prose, & Novice Duo Interpretation.  

Definition of Novice:  A novice competitor is one who is in their first year of high school competition with no prior experience as a high school competitor.  


 Costs: Entries will be $8.00 per event per entry.  

Judging: For every 6 entries we ask for 1 judge.  We are allowing varsity competitors with 250 NSDA points or more to judge novice divisions.



I.E. Prelim: 9:00 AM- 10:00 AM 

I.E. Semis: 10:15 AM- 11:15 AM 

I.E. Finals: 12:15 PM-1:15 PM 

Virtual Awards Ceremony to follow shortly after.