American Debate League HS Fall Classic 21 Part 2

2021 — New York City, NY/US

"The Power of Public Speaking, Debate, & Leadership"

Our Mission

Helping Children Become Better Thinkers, Speakers, & Leaders

Our Purpose

The American Debate League offers a comprehensive program that offers Public Speaking, Debate, and Leadership skills to children from 3rd-12th grades.

Our program serves to develop their own voice through both oral and written communication. We facilitate this by enhancing and developing children’s public speaking, literacy, creative and persuasive writing skills. It also helps to develop confidence, mutual understanding, and respect for all people and for the diversity of ideas. These skills also encourage children to develop leadership skills. The power of public speaking, debate and leadership is a lifelong skill and will serve our children well in any endeavor they choose to pursue as adults.


We will be using the Remind app as our communication platform to send important updates, assignments, and information for the American Debate League High School Fall Classic on October 23, 2021.   Please click on the link below to join our class.   For reference, our class code is @oct23adl

If you have any questions, please send message through the Remind App or email to


SCHEDULE- **Schedule changes will be communicated through Remind so please make sure you join.**

SPEECH schedule:

Check-In - 10 AM SHARP @ the Zoom Help Desk

Round 1: 11 AM

Round 2: 1 PM

Round 3: 3 PM

Awards: 5 PM

ADL 10/23 Speech Competition

Join Zoom Meeting  Meeting ID: 848 8640 5751 


We are excited that you will compete in our American Debate League High School Fall Classic this Saturday, October 23, 2021.  This will be an Online Tournament, using NSDA Campus. 

Please report the OUR ZOOM CHECK-IN ROOM at 9am on Saturday to receive Debate round pairings, judging assignments and instructions.

DEBATE (Double Flight) schedule:


Policy rounds are 90 minutes (Flight A & B equals 1 policy round)

9:00-9:50 p.m. Check in (check in for debate pairings, ballots, and troubleshooting)

10:00-10:50 Round 1 Flight A 

11:00-11:50 Round 1 Flight B

12:00-12:50 Round 2 Flight A (LUNCH FOR FLIGHT B)

1:00-1:50 Round 2 Flight B (LUNCH FOR FLIGHT A)

2:00-2:50 Round 3 Flight A

3:00-3:50 Round 3 Flight B

4:10-4:30 Awards' ceremony


NSDA Campus Test rooms

NSDA Campus Competition room test 

(IF you do not test the NSDA rooms and can not enter the room you can not debate in our tournament.  The Tabroom and NSDA campus platform will NOT let you enter virtual rooms so you CAN NOT Compete at our tournament.)

Step 1: Go to your Tabroom account

Step 2: Go "NSDA Campus Test rooms" at the bottom right side of you Tabroom 

Step 3: Press the Test Competition room

 Step 4: when you are taken to the test competition room it will ask you to allow them to turn on your microphone (Press "Allow" for any request the system asks you)

 NSDA Campus Test Rooms
 Test Competition Room 
 Test Practice/Utility Room