Mid America Cup

2021 — NSDA Campus, IA/US


The 2021 Valley Mid America Cup will be held online from September 24 - 27. We will be using the NSDA Campus format.

On Friday, September 24, we will host two LD debate round robins: the Sophomore Throw-Down, which, as the name suggests, involves sophomore LD debates; and the Valley Round Robin, which is open for application to any varsity LD debater. Both round robins require application; we will accept 12 entries to the Valley Round Robin and 18 entries to the Sophomore Throw-Down from among applicants. At the time of this writing, I haven't been able to "add" the Valley Round Robin as an event option, but I have a help request in to Tabroom and will update this when we have it ironed out.

The tournament proper runs from Saturday, September 25 through Monday, September 27. Saturday and Sunday will feature six preliminary debates an single divisions of LD, PF and CX debate. Early elims will take place on Sunday, with late elims and finals on Monday. 

Check out the various informative pages for more details. As usual we have copied these over from the previous year so if there are date mistakes, use your judgment. (For instance, anything that says something will occur in 2020 should be understood as indicating that that thing will occur in 2021. You know how it is.)

Questions? Email Dave McGinnis at mcgin029@gmail.com