Mount Pleasant TFA

2021 — Mount Pleasant, TX/US

Greetings Colleagues,


The Mount Pleasant HS Speech and Debate program would like to welcome you to the Mount Pleasant TFA tournament of 2021. The tournament will be IN-PERSON at Mount Pleasant High School on October 2nd, 2021. We will be offering the complete set of events in IE’s and LD, CX, PF, and Congressional debate. We will provide both a varsity and novice division for all debate competitions except for congress.


The following will be the resolutions in each debate competition:

·Policy Debate (both divisions) will be debating the 2021-22 Resolution-Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its protection of water resources in the United States.

·LD Debate (both divisions) will be debating the September/October NSDA Resolution-Resolved: The member nations of the World Trade Organization ought to reduce intellectual property protections for medicines.

·Public Forum Debate (both divisions) will be debating the September/October NSDA Resolution-Resolved: The North Atlantic Treaty Organization should substantially increase its defense commitments to the Baltic states.

·Congressional Debate will be debating the following pieces of legislation #26-30 (Prelims) and #1-#5 (Finals) of the TFA Fall 2021 Docket.


Fees (per entry):

·PF & CX Debate-$40.00

·LD & Congress-$20.00

·Duet and Duo Interp-$30.00

·Other individual events (including extemp)-$20.00

·Missing Judge Fee-$150.00


Judging Requirements:

·Policy-One judge for every two entries

·LD, PF, and Congress-One judge for every four entries

·IE’s-One judge for every six entries


Additional Information:

We will add COVID-19 Protocols in the following weeks.

If entries don't make, we will consolidate the novice and varsity divisions into one varsity division.

We will do our best to accelerate the schedule if/when possible, so please pay close attention to the postings and updates.

More information is coming soon.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Enrique Martinez at

Thank you,

Enrique Martinez

Mount Pleasant Speech and Debate Coach/Director