The 1st Annual LD Debate Online Classic

2021 — Online, US

Welcome to the 1st Annual LD Debate Online Classic! The tournament administration would like to warmly invite you to join us in participating in a continuation of last summers tradition of hosting online summer tournaments to help time pass by (as most of us were in quarantine). This tournament is focused on providing a safe, regulated place in which debaters can participate in the usual fun, without the stress of a bid round! 


There was original talk about a small entry fee to go towards a charity of some kind. However, after further thought, there will be no required entry fee. Instead, the tournament administration has decided to forego the entry fee, and instead encourage that the money be individually donated to any organization of your choice.


We will be using the 2021 January-February topic, Resolved: States ought to ban lethal autonomous weapons.


For judging, we will strive to provide the best quality judge pool we can. As a result, only current juniors and above will be allowed to judge, this is not a testament on students' ability to evaluate rounds, but is rather a. a way in which we can maximize feedback, b. be able to have a better handle on what goes on during the tournament, and c. simulate a real tournament as much as possible.


"Fake schools" will be accepted, just as long as real names are attached for entry. This is to maximize student accountability as much as possible