Harvard Westlake Impromptu Only World Schools Debates

2021 — Online, CA/US

Thank you for your interest in our day of World Schools Impromptu-Only Debates. 


Our goal is to provide debaters the opportunity to participate in impromptu rounds with ample time to receive meaningful feedback and participate in post-round discussions with judges and other competitors. 

Who Can Enter

Schools may enter as a complete school. We are also allowing hybrid teams (for example, teams who are competing on behalf of their district at NSDA Nationals). Our only requirement is that Schools are represented by their coach and that any hybrid team has an adult coach who is responsible for the team during the tournament.

We would like to provide quality competition, so please do not enter competitors who are not experienced debaters. 

Maximum Entries: 24 teams

Judge Requirement & Fees

The tournament is FREE to enter. We require one judge per team. We will have a few judges available for hire for the cost of $175.00. 

Judges should have some experience and be willing to disclose and participate in post-round discussions with debaters.

We would *love* to have 2-judge panels in every round to provide debaters with more feedback. 


All rounds will take place in Zoom breakout rooms. Everyone participating should download the latest version of Zoom so that everyone can place themselves in breakout rooms on their own. 

(All times in Pacific Daylight Time)

Friday, May 21
5:00pm - 7:30pm: Online registration on Tabroom.com. Coaches just need to confirm their entries and judges.

Saturday, May 22 
8:30am: All teams meet in Zoom for a quick "norming" meeting
9:00am: Round 1 Topic Announcement
10:00am: Round 1
11:15am: Round 1 Decision Time & Post-Round Discussion (and lunch break)
12:15pm: Round 2 Topic Announcement
1:15pm: Round 2
2:30pm: Round 2 Decision Time & Post-Round Discussion
3:15pm: Round 3 Topic Announcement
4:15pm: Round 3
5:30pm: Round 3 Decision Time & Post-Round Discussion

Important Deadlines

Friday, May 14 at 5:00pm

- If we do not have at least 4 unique teams (not from the same school) - we will likely cancel the tournament. 
- Entry deadline
- Judges due
- Fees Frozen

Wednesday, May 18 at 5:00pm

- Name changes & drops can be done online by coaches