Spring Round Robin

2021 — Online, IA/US

Welcome to the Spring Round Robin!

This scrimmage is unique in that it is geared towards educational feedback and community building between first and second years on the circuit. Every round will be judged by 1 qualified varsity (third year or above in high school) volunteer, and immediately after the round, a drill/discussion/improvement session will occur to help both debaters in the round work together to improve. The tournament will conclude with a game night that all debaters are invited to attend, so students can get to know each other in a more casual and fun setting.

More details on awards and game night coming soon!


The tournament offers two divisions: LD 1st Year and LD 2nd Year. Each event will be in a round robin style. Depending on entry numbers, there will either be 2 or 4 pods breaking to finals or semifinals, respectively.


We are using the JanFeb topic. Resolved: States ought to ban lethal autonomous weapons.


Third or fourth year students in high school may judge either division. We ask that all judges have sufficient Circuit LD experience, as a large component of this program will be for judges to talk about strategy and redo certain speeches with the competitors after each round.


Tentative Schedule

Saturday, April 3rd

Round 1:

  • Round 1 Pairings: 9:30 AM EST

  • Round 1 Begins: 10 AM EST


Lunch Break: 11:30 AM EST-12:30 PM EST


Round 2:

  • Round 2 Pairings: 12:30 PM EST

  • Round 2 Begins: 1 PM EST


Round 3:

  • Round 3 Pairings: 2:30 PM EST

  • Round 3 Begins: 3:00 PM EST


Sunday, April 4th

Round 4

  • Round 4 Pairings: 9:30 AM EST

  • Round 4 Begins: 10 AM EST


Lunch Break: 11:30 AM EST-12:30 PM EST



  • Semifinals Pairings: 12:30 PM EST

  • Semifinals Begins: 1 PM EST



  • Finals Pairings: 2:30 PM EST

  • Finals Begins: 3:00 PM EST