Illinois Debate Community JVNovice State Congressional Debate

2021 — Online, IL/US


NOVICE/JV STATE Congressional Debate Finals

March 20, 2021

Dear Illinois Debate Community,

This is a formal invitation to participate in the Illinois Debate Community State Debate Tournament for Congressional Debate. Please join us ONLINE through NSDA Campus on March 20!

The IDC State Debate Tournament is for first and second year debaters.  We will host Novice and Junior Varsity divisions for each of the following events:  Lincoln Douglas, Public Forum, and Congressional Debate.  Novice and JV divisions may be collapsed into one division if the numbers warrant it (in which case we will still separate awards).  

Please read the following information regarding eligibility, entry limits and judges carefully. To maintain the integrity of this state championship tournament, these standards must be met.


Novices: to quality for this category, ALL debaters must be in their first year of competition in any type of debate. In addition, high school seniors must be placed in the JV division even if they meet the criteria of a Novice.

Junior Varsity: To qualify for this category, debaters must be in their first or second year of competition. Assuming they meet the criteria, all seniors must compete in this division.


You are allowed up to eight entries in each division of Congress.  These limits were increased for this year because of the lack of building constraints.

There must be a minimum number of entries in each division in order to hold a State Championship in a particular division of a particular event. Entry minimums as follows:

LD and PF: 6 different schools – at least 16 students 

Congress:  4  different schools – at least 16 teams




No judges will be hired by the tournament.  To preserve the integrity of this tournament, please make sure that all of your judges are experienced in the type of debate that they will be judging.  As a State Championship Tournament, this tournament should not have any judges who are not experienced.  Schools that do not provide the required number of judges will have to drop teams at registration.  


All judges are required to be available to judge the entire tournament.  Please don’t make us drop one of your teams because your judge leaves early!

We will be using TABROOM.COM for this tournament.  Please make sure all of your judges have accounts that are linked to your school set up prior to 2/25.  Before adding judges, please specifically confirm the correct e-mail address is associated with the account and that no two accounts are associated with the same e-mail.


Novice Congress

In the novice division, each school shall provide one (1) judge for every 3 Congress debaters. Juniors in their third year of Congress debate or seniors in their third or fourth year of Congress debate may judge in the Novice Congress division. Please write STUDENT JUDGE in the Judge Notes on and rank them properly.  

JV Congress:

Each school shall provide one Congressional judge per six entries. All Congressional judges must be high school graduates who never competed during this school year.

The tournament will use the same Congressional Debate Legislation that is used at IHSA.  


The tournament will give prizes to the top 3 student judges as determined from a collection of their ballots



1. Judges are expected to complete a full ballot for each round, including specific comments for each debater and a comprehensive RFD.  

2.  Judges must keep time.  Students are allowed to time; however, under no circumstances are debaters to be the only ones keeping time.

3.  Judges shall submit their completed ballot no later than 5 minutes after the end of the debate round.  While it is possible for judges to return to their ballot to edit their feedback after their decision is submitted, it is strongly recommended that judges begin entering feedback during the round so they can submit a thoroughly completed ballot immediately following the end of the round. 

4.  Unless otherwise stipulated in this document, or at the discretion of the tournament directors,  this tournament will adhere to IHSA State Debate Rules.  



Make checks payable to:      Homewood-Flossmoor High School Debate Team

                C/O  Katie Cole

                999 Kedzie Avenue

                Flossmoor, IL  60422

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Saturday, March 20, 2021

8:30 - 11:00 am Session I 

11-12 Lunch

12:00- 2:30 pm Session 2

Finals 3:30-5:30 pm