Aurora Speech Tournament Rescheduled

2021 — Online, NE/US

Only Nebraska schools will be allowed to register


Dear Speech Coaches,

Aurora High School is excited to invite you to announce that we have officially rescheduled the Aurora Speech Invite for Friday, February 26th with first rounds beginning at 4:00pm. Our contest will be an in-person event, held at Aurora High School! 

However, we are going to implement a few changes because of the time of season and limitations within our building. Therefore, please take a look at these adjustments, and let me know if you have any questions. 
  • This will be a varsity only contest, with a cap of 3 entries per event. This will hopefully allow you to get your district team an additional opportunity to compete, with that extra entry to help you make decisions. 
  • We will only have a Champs Final (places 1-6), but will medal with surprise medals to 10th place. 
  • Please arrive at the school between 2:45 and 3:15. Any later than that, you will likely get mixed up in the chaos of dismissal and pick up. Your students will need to enter through the front doors of the High School, and then stay in the HS gym until after school dismisses at 3:30. 
  • The schedule for the day will be:
Round 1A: 4:00pm
Round 1B: 5:15pm
Round 2A: 6:30pm
Round 2B: 7:45pm
Finals A: 8:30pm (or as soon as possible) 
Finals B: 9:00pm   (or as soon as possible) 
Awards 10:30pm (or as soon as possible) 

We will once again use the services of David Cooper, so you will be able to do all your entry information through the website set up for this contest. Entry deadline is Monday, February 22, 2021. Unfortunately, we will NOT allow entries the day of the tournament. 

Registration begins at 3:15 P.M. and Flight A events will begin at 4:00 P.M.

Awards will be held at approximately 10:30 pm.

The tournament will include both a novice and varsity division with medals awarded for the TOP FIFTEEN PLACES in varsity of the nine NSAA speech events. Students may compete in three events unless they are in extemporaneous. Of course, allowing your students to compete in three events is at your discretion. We will have two preliminary rounds, as well as a Champs Final and an Honors Final. In finals, we will have 12 varsity finalists. We will also award a championship sweepstakes plaque for the top varsity. To determine these teams, we will only tabulate the points from the final rounds.


Our fees this year will be $7.25 per entry. We will not refund any fees for drops or charge for substitutes. You also need to provide one judge per six entries or pay an additional $75.00 for any uncovered entries. Please remember that you are responsible for the judges you intend to bring to the meet – if you do not arrive with the number of judges you specified in your entry, you will be billed accordingly. Also, we encourage you to bring certified judges to help ensure the best possible experience for the students.

To make this the best and safest event for all teams involved, we will be implementing the following protocols for our tournament: 

·         Limited attendance – no outside audiences, including parents, in the building (We know this will be disappointing to many, but we believe that many parents will be understanding when they realize this measure allows their students to compete in person)  

·         In the competition room, only judges and competing students – no extra students watching – including during finals (this is to ensure we do not go over capacity limits in each individual classroom)

·         Masks must be worn correctly by everyone in attendance, including coaches, judges, & students – When students are performing, they have the option to keep them on or take them off – depending on their team’s expectations.  

·         Judge seating in each room will be at least 6 feet away from the competitor speaking and all others in the room.

·         When students enter the performance room, they must be socially distanced from other competitors.

·         Performance rooms, specifically the desks and chairs, will be sanitized between each round.

·         Hand Sanitizer will be provided throughout the building.

·         This year’s Hospitality Room will be limited – bottled drinks and individually wrapped desserts only provided. Please plan on packing a lunch.

·         Concessions will be offered, but products sold might be limited. 

·         To limit the number of the “points of contact” between people, electronic ballots will be utilized. Please plan on each judge being registered on, and bringing a device so they can access ballots digitally.

·         Awards WILL be done in person. However, if you are a school that does not have any students in finals, OR if you do not feel comfortable participating, we invite you to leave early and any medals you may receive can be mailed. 

Also, we recognize that things change very fast with Covid 19 and statewide DHMs and guidelines from the NSAA could change at a moment's notice. If things become unsafe and we need to switch to an online contest, we will make that change and let you know as soon as possible.