March Warmup

2021 — NSDA Campus, TX/US

To all, 

I would like to get some rounds for my kids and yours on the March (PF) or March/April (LD) topics before we have to debate them in more critical situations.  Maybe the first tournament will be your state tournament or NSDA district and you want to get some rounds in, I know I do.

We will only be offering Congress, PF and LD.  In LD and PF they will be debating the March topics and in Congress will be be using the Prelim Round 1 TFA State Docket and in Finals the TFA State Prelim Round 2 Docket.  We will not be hiring judges.    

Every entry is $10 ($15 in Congress with No Judge Obligation).  Judges will be $100, but if you have an issue with the money and cannot find qualified judges reach out and I will do my best help.   All entries will be waitlisted until I receive a PO or prove the payment will be made.

In LD and PF the goal will be 5 prelims and 1 final.  Even if there are more entries we will only be braking the topic two from prelim.  The goal is 5 rounds for everyone plus a finals rounds for everyone to watch.  In Congress we will do our very best to have two rounds (prelim/finals) regardless of numbers.  If the number are more than a "finals" can handle we will simply run two prelims so that everyone get to debate the bills assigned. 


Be Well

McNeil Debate