NE Regionals for NovJV aka Gotham

2021 — NSDA Campus, NY/US


As a reminder, the schedule is different from past Northeast Regionals, and will be the 2nd elim, and THEN Awards, around 3:30PM ET/12:30PM PT.

Novice and JV elims, and Awards, are via the Tournament Zoom:

Join Zoom Meeting


Passcode is Narwhal if prompted. The Meeting ID is 3476836894, which is my cell number most of you have already.


If debating or judging, you have the ability to move yourself directly into the appropriate break out room for debates.  Awards in the Main Room. Teams in Elims also have a PREP ROOM in zoom breakouts if you are remote and it is easier to stay in the same zoom link.  

A few other reminders for the rest of elims:
1.) Teams actually "flip" if needed by the method they so choose. Rock-paper-scissor, Siri coin flip, etc
2.) We are in Zoom today to allow other debaters to observe and learn.

3. ) Please RENAME yourself on Zoom to meet the Online Debate Conventions: 

- Letter for type of participant (D=Debater, J=Judge, O=Observer

- School Abbreviation

- Name (pronouns)

*Examples: J-BC-John Katsulas ; D-CSUF-Jessica Nunez, O-TNS-Vik Keenan (she/hers)

This system creates accountability for observers and participants. (I also have reports of all log ins from my hosting). 

Thanks again for joining us.  Directors in Districts - same link for Awards. 


2021 Northeast Regional Championship and D8 Qualifier “at” The New School (NYC Gotham Debates)

Gotham Debates at the New School will include TWO events for the college policy community this year:

·        THE NORTHEAST REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP-Nov and JV: 2 divisions of Novice and JV, with 6 preliminary debates scheduled and appropriate elims.  Should there be more than 33 entries in Novice the 6th prelim debate will be eliminated in favor of the first elim in that division. Novice and JV eligibility rules are defined by the CEDA Constitution.  One judge is required for every two teams entered.

·        DISTRICT VIII Qualifier for the NDT: As per District rules, the tournament will have 6 rounds and run offs if there are few than 16 entries and at 16 entries or more all teams will participate in 8 debate.  All entries must be eligible to qualify for the NDT, as per the NDT Standing Rules. Please see SCHEDULE  and FEES  for other notes. One judge is required per team entered.

We are also trying to coordinate with the Mid America Championships to allow for an Open Division accessible in a reasonable way for non D8 qualifier open teams and MAC Nov/JV to have teams. 

SCHEDULE:  More or less, all times ET here.  

Prelim Decision Time: 2hr 15min

Friday, Sept 26**:
3PM: Round 1 and 2 Pairings
4PM: Round 1
6:30PM: Round 2
Saturday, Sept 27 (Start times for R3-6 should align with D8 1-4)
9:30AM: Round 3 Pairings
10AM: Round 3 Start** (D8 R1)
12:30: Round 4 Pairings
1PM: Round 4 Start (D8 R2)
4PM: R5 Pairings
4:30PM: R5 Start (D8 R3)
7PM: R6 Pairings 
7:30: R6 Start (D8 R4)
Sunday, Sept 28
9AM: Pairings for Elim 1
10AM: Elim 1 Start (D8 R5)
12:30 Pairing for Elim 2
1PM: Elim 2 Start (D8 R6)
4:30PM Elims and D8 Run off as needed, District and Regional Meeting
(Final copy is titled 2021 GOTHAM, not the weekend dates, which was an organization draft)
**What is the Optional Time Block of Friday/R3 I saw:
If you have a novice or jv team that timezones make 10AMET Saturday less optimal (say because pairings are at 6:30AM PT), then we are offering the opportunity to debate on Friday BEFORE the start of round 1, at 1PM.  Because of the division size, much of R3,4,5,6 is "preset" anyway. 
If interested, please email Vik at by 8PM Thursday, Feb 25 so we can determine opponents and make the arrangements. Whe possible, we will have a New School available to assist with this.  Yes, this also makes it a 3-3-Elims schedule for a team if length of day is a concern as well.

Please enter numbers by Wed, Feb 24th to allow for prefs and evaluation of judge hiring for the weekend.  This is the deadline for JV and Novice Entry – note that District 8 entries must be identified earlier as per NDT and District Committee rules.

TOPIC: We will use the 2020-2021 CEDA resolution as the starting point for discussion, pedagogy, and epistemology:

Resolved: The United States Federal Government should reduce its alliance commitments with Japan, the Republic of Korea, North Atlantic Treaty Organization member states, and/or the Republic of the Philippines, by at least substantially limiting the conditions under which its defense pact can be activated.

RECORDING: The New School endorse the ABAP Digitial Debate Bill of Rightso: Expectations include affirmative consent for recordings beyond individual speech back ups and express consent for distribution and use.

DISCRIMINATION & HARASSMENT: The New School abides by Federal Title VI and Title IX discrimination and harassment protections, AND New York State protections.  New York law codifies “affirmative consent” as the legal standard for institutions of higher education to uphold.  In addition to campus resources, tournament procedures will adhere to the CEDA polices on Discrimination & Sexual Harassment and the National Debate Tournament Conduct Policy as outlined in the Standing Rules.Online harassment between tournament participants, including debaters, judges, and observers will not be tolerated.

LOCATION/Platform: Online via NSDA Campus in Tabroom (this section is way shorter that normal):
We will use NSDA campus (in Tabroom) for Prelims, Zoom for Elims and Awards(and Regional/District Meetings)

Fees: $15/team, plus the additional fee of $73 for teams in the District Qualifier 

Uncovered Commitment: $150/Team – you can either hire directly from the judge exchange (preferable if you have cash options for payment, we can give you receipts) or ask the tournament to hire and pay us the fees.

Credit card payment can be made at: .  This also allows you to select the delivery address for awards. 

Make checks out to “The New School”.  Please note “New School Debate” in Memo.



Vik Keenan, 347-683-6894,



Kathryn Rubino, Samanatha Godbey (Districts)

Aubrey Semple (Regionals)