Ainsworth Speech Invitational

2023 — Ainsworth, NE/US

Dear Speech Coaches,


The twenty-fourth annual Ainsworth Speech Invitational will be an in-person event at Ainsworth Community Schools in Ainsworth, Nebraska, on SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 2022. Competition will be scheduled in the nine NSAA sanctioned events. Schools are allowed unlimited entries in each category; however, please be aware that if the number of sections is small, teammates may compete against one another.  Each student may enter any three events. 


            The schedule for the day is as follows:

               8:00-9:00             Registration

            8:30                        Judges’ Orientation

            9:00-10:15           Round I, Group A*

            9:15                            Extemp Draw, Round I

            10:15-11:30         Round I, Group B*


            11:30-12:45         Round II, Group A

            11:45                           Extemp Draw, Round 2

            12:45-2:00           Round II, Group B


            2:00-3:15             Round III, Group A

            2:15                         Extemp Draw, Round 3

            3:15-4:30             Round III, Group B


            5:00 (or asap)      Awards

*Please check the website for the determination of which events will be Group A and which will be Group B!


We will follow the NSAA rules governing extemp files. Please have your files in the media center by 9:00 at the latest for file inspection. Novice and varsity speakers will be in the same location so files can be shared.


Please bring judges with your team. We are “geographically challenged”; finding enough judges for all of the entries is very difficult.  We ask that you provide one judge for every six entries. A limited number of judges are available at a cost of $75.00 each. Entry fees are $8.00 per event. Entries are due by SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 13th.  Although you can still drop after Wednesday, February 16th, your fees will be frozen on NOON of that day.  Coaches are asked to include themselves as judges, especially if you cannot cover your entries with hired judges.  If you will not judge, we can use your help in the extemp room or elsewhere.  We all have to pitch in a little to make good competition possible for our teams!  We will have an orientation session for judges at 8:30 am to review the rules, to offer tips for ballot writing, and to convey our expectations.         


Novice and varsity speakers will compete together; however, novices will be tagged in the tab room, and they will receive medals separately from the varsity.  Medals will be awarded to six places in varsity and four places in novice events.  Superior ribbons will be given to students who score a total of 89 points or above.  Trophies will be awarded to the champion and runner-up teams.  Team awards are based on a combination of novice and varsity points.



            If you have any questions, please call 402-387-2082 (school) or 402-322-0477 (cell), or email me…  We look forward to seeing you on February 19th!



Heather Lutter & Tammy Hancock

AHS Speech Tourney Crew